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After an unexplicable crash landing, the crew of Pelican Victor 398 find themselves fighting for their lives against an endless onslaught of Covenant.

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A simple exploration mission of The Ark ends up taking a turn for a worse. After an inexplicable power loss, you and what remains of your crew must hold out against the Covenant until reinforcements can arrive. Can you survive the endless waves of Phantoms and who knows what else? What mysteries might this curious gorge hold?

Curious Gorge is a campaign conversion of the Halo 3 multiplayer map Valhalla, desgined to mimic the Firefight mode featured in Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach. It's also partially inspired by Halo 4's Spartan Ops, using cinematic sequences to tell the bones of a story while still leaving players room to fill in the gaps with their own ideas and interpretations.

The map can be played with up to four other players, and is designed to create a challenging yet enjoyable experience by limiting respawns to the end of each wave. Should all players die, you'll go back to the beginning of the round. For solo players, this is changed to respawning at the beginning of the wave. In between each set of rounds, you'll be joined by new allies from above, eager to help you in your fight against the Covenant. After a whole set has been completed, you can choose to end the game by leaving with your allies, taking you to the next mission in the campaign.

This mod also features my custom made Halo 5 Guardians inspired HUD for Spartan players, as well as an optional DLL file which allows players to play as their multiplayer Spartans and Elites while using the mod (Will not work on other maps unless stated otherwise by authors).

Covenant foes rain from the sky as they're dropped off from Phantoms, landing at locations throughout the gorge. Expect Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Hunters and Drones with various weapons and ranks. They won't always come on foot, with Ghosts, Choppers and Banshees sporadically appearing throughout the round as you defeat more and more more foes. Yet even once the corpses of your foes lay still, you may find other forces taking interest in your endless war.

You may notice that some enemies are slightly different to how you remember them, with some changes and additions from Halo 3: ODST.
Brutes have had their armour colours brought out, no more will they only wear blue and gold but now also red, purple and cyan to better show that you're fighting a different rank.
Drones have recieved the same treatment, and have been given the additional rank of Captain that comes with shields.
Hunters have their classic variant, with a golden paintjob and fearsome Flak Cannon to better combat vehicular foes.
Phantoms are now more resilient to damage, you can still take them down for that big points prize, but you'll need some more firepower.
Another enemy you may find amongst the waves has been changed to take more damage from shotguns.

While the forces of the Covenant may be endless, there is yet respite. From above and below comes allies bearing supplies to help you in your fight, helping you to survive the onslaught. Marines will initially join you, bringing weaponry and vehicular support, but before long you'll find that the Sangheli Separatists too want to drop into the fight. Who knows, perhaps even the mysterious Forerunner Sentinels will decide to aid you, should you seek them out.

After each round of enemies, you'll be given a few moments to reload, regear, and meet up with new allies who arrive from above. They'll do their best to follow you across the map and aid you in your skirmishes, and will use any left over vehicles the Covenant may have left behind. They'll also offer you whatever weapons they bare, but whether you choose to equip them well or leave them to fend for themselves is up to you.

Particuarly inquisitive players might find that one of the towers on Valhalla is sligthly different to what they remember. Should you find yourselves outgunned and out of options, you may be able to convince the local Sentinels to lend their beams to your cause, who now sport a new rank with more powerful shields and weaponry.

To install the base mod, open the zip file and move the 100_citadel.map file into your Halo 3 maps folder. It overwrites the map "The Covenant" in-game and can be played by selecting it in the menus. All players in your party must have the mod in order to play.

For the Multiplayer Characters addon, move the halo3.dll file into your Halo 3 folder, overwriting the existing halo3.dll file. Unless otherwise specified, this will only function with this mod, and will cause issues if you attempt to use this with a normal campaign map. Like with the map file itself, all members of your party must have this addon if you wish to use it, or you will experience issues.

As always, remember to backup all of your original files before installation so you can continue playing as normal.