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This mappack has 19 maps for Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer on MCC. Three maps are from Halo 1.5, five from Halo NHE, and the remaining eleven from halomaps.org & haloce3.com. Currently works with MCC Season 7. Some HUD glitches are present in MCC Season 8.

Permissions and credits
SpIit Map Pack 2 for MCC (by SpIit) -This Map Pack has been retired!-

Half of these maps made it onto the Social Map Pack and also onto the BTB Map Pack for Halo: CE MCC

These maps have been chosen because of their popularity and viability for competitive play. There are at least 6 maps with secret rooms/easter eggs, see if you can find them. Download the modpack to use with the MCC Mod Manager for a more seamless way to add the files which display the correct map names and thumbnails (as seen in the image below).

Winter 2021: Patch the 2 broken portals in crossway. Add steps to top mid on Hornets Nest. Not fixed yet.
November 2021: Add 3rd person view for warthog passenger on Ancient Sanctuary, Hornets Nest, Hemoasis, & Snowtorn Grove. Not updated yet. 
1 October 2021: Double Take shows preview thumbnails for Mad House & vice versa. Fixed. Gridiron v2 replaces v1. 
27 September 2021: Added download instructions.txt to files, added modpack download file
26 September 2021: Uploaded this mappack to nexusmods.com

Split Map Pack 2

I highly recommended using the MCC Mod Manager with this map pack because it lets you: 

  1. ) Install bundled modpacks.
  2. ) Load mappacks with the correct map names and thumbnails.
  3. ) Manage backups of the original MCC map files you need to replace.
  4. ) Never worry about changing file and folder names.

Talk with the guys who play these maps at the halo1guide discord; they'll help with technical issues you may have.
NOTE: The following instructions are for the "modpack" release of the map pack. If you do not want to use the MCC Mod Manager, please download the other "manual" pack which has everything pre-renamed for you, as shown below in the credits.
********Modpack Installation Instructions********

Download v0.8 Mod Manager from here: https://github.com/executionByFork/MCC_Mod_Manager/releases/tag/v0.8
Download & install Mod Manager to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection

NOTE: Prior to installing this map pack, I recommend that you use MCC Mod Manager's backup feature to save a copy of your careerdb.xml file, and is located here \Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\careerdb\careerdb.xml
also your levelstexturepack.temp.bin \Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\ui\texturepacks\levelstexturepack.temp.bin
as well as your entire H1 maps folder \Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps

To install Split maps 2 mapack using MCC Mod Manager:

Simply download the Split_Mappack_2_modpack.zip file to \MCC Mod Manager v0.8-185-v0-8-1601263889\temp\modpacks 
For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\MCC Mod Manager v0.8-185-v0-8-1601263889\temp\modpacks 
(Do not extract the contents of the .zip file)
In MCC Mod Manager under the 'My Mods' tab, check the select box & hit the Patch/Unpatch button.
Finally, launch MCC with Easy Anti-Cheat disabled and enjoy these new maps!

Switch back to original maps
Launch MCC Mod Manager & under the 'Backups' tab, either hit 'Restore All Files' or select all 19 .map files as well as careerdb.xml & levelstexturepack.temp.bin and click 'Restore Selected'.
Enjoy your boring vanilla maps!

********To install manually********

IMPORTANT: The following instructions are for the "manual" release of the map pack.
The maps in this pack are pre-renamed for you, in the interest of facilitating playing the maps with others
(everyone needs to agree on which MCC maps to replace beforehand).

If you are using MCC Mod Manager, you should use the "modpack" version of this release instead. 

            Files to backup
Firstly, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\ and make copies of these files:
\Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\careerdb\careerdb.xml (only back up careerdb.xml)
\data\ui\texturepacks\levelstexturepack.temp.bin (only back up levelstexturepack.temp.bin)
\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps (back up all contents in the maps folder)

Secondly, download Split_Map_Pack_2_manual.zip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1

Then, simply copy levelstexturepack.temp.bin from the .zip & paste to \Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\ui\texturepacks\ (click Yes to overwrite).
This is required for the in-game map selection to display the actual internal map thumbnail (rather than the maps they replaced)

Next, simply copy careerdb.xml from the .zip & paste to \Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\careerdb\ (click Yes to overwrite).
This is required for the in-game map selection to display the actual internal map names (rather than the maps they replaced)

Finally, simply copy the contents of the /maps/ subfolder from the .zip & paste to \Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps\

Be sure to run the game with easy anti-cheat disabled


MCC map ports produced by: SpIit
Testers: SpIit & Slatchey
Correct map names & thumbnails: Slatchey

Map replacements-
 1.) Beavercreek --------Cold Shoulder--------------Blaze Lightcap & Conscars------01/26/21
 2.) Sidewinder -           Frigid Keep                     DSalimander                            - 07/30/19
 3.) Damnation -----------Decidia-----------------------dds---------------------------------------11/29/18
 4.) Ratrace -                 Overflow                       - Hasuku feat. il Duce Primo    - 11/24/17
 5.) Prisoner ---------------Double Take----------------insidi0us-------------------------------11/29/18
 6.) Hangemhigh -         Crossway                     - PwNyTar                                  - 11/29/18
 7.) Chillout -----------------Madhouse------------------dds---------------------------------------11/29/18
 8.) Derelict                     Uplift                           - dds                                            - 11/29/18
 9.) Boardingaction ------Gridiron---------------------PopeTX28------------------------------09/01/18
10.) Chiron                      Crossguard                - DSalimander                            - 04/02/19
11.) Bloodgulch -----------Ancient sanctuary------Da_Pimp_Pope(PopeAK49)----08/01/08
12.) Wizard -                   Tinker                         - Hasuku feat. DSalimander    - 05/??/18
13.) Longest ----------------Nitra-------------------------Da_Pimp_Pope(PopeAK49)----06/22/16
14.) DeathIsland -           Requiem                    - Selentic                                   - 11/25/11
15.) Dangercanyon -------Hornet's Nest-----------
16.) Infinity -                    Hemoasis                 - PopeTX28                               - 12/19/17
17.) Timberland ------------Sympathy----------------Selentic--------------------------------03/14/08
18.) Icefields -                  Snowtorn Grove      - Arteen                                      - 09/06/09
19.) Gephyrophobia -------Levee---------------------insidi0us ------------------------------11/29/18

All maps have 'Slayer' set to AR, pistol & frags start except-
Overflow: Plasma Pistol
Grid Iron: Pistol 
Ancient Sanctuarey: AR 
Requiem: Pistol, no nades
Hornets Nest: 3 frags

For more info on the maps, visit halomaps.org & haloce3.com & halo1nhe.com

Original NHE team:
Creator/Lead Developer: dds
Lead Programmer/Developer: insidi0us
Developer/Lead Tester: Devilman
Consultant/Contributor: stunt man
Wizard: Mintograde
Creator of Arsenic: CLuis
Liaison Officer/Tester: Mudbone
Legal Counsel: McDick
Tester: NtG-Fr33
Consultant/Environment Artist: DSalimander
Environment Artist: il Duce Primo
Tester: Cujjer

Special thanks to Vynthex and stunt_man.