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About this mod

Super Campaign is a comprehensive gameplay mod for the Halo 1 campaign that stays true to the Classic graphics. Every encounter in the game has been overhauled and completely new encounters have been added. The sandbox has been expanded further by multiple new weapons and enemy types, while default weapons remain familiar.

Permissions and credits
Here's a short summary of Super Campaign v2. Full and complete details are further down below:
  • Every campaign level and every encounter within has been carefully overhauled and expanded for a complete experience.
  • Completely new encounters have been added across the missions.
  • Multiple bugfixes and quality of life changes.
  • All vanilla weapons work just as you expect them to, save for a few minor tweaks.
  • 9 new weapons have been added, for both you and for the AI to use.
  • Grunts, Jackals, Elites and Hunters all have more ranks.
  • Skirmishers have been added to the game.
  • Flood has upgraded variants, as well as 2 new forms.
  • You have 2 additional ally types: the ODST and the mod's namesake, the Super Spartans.
  • Graphics use the Halo PC version as a base, with many of the fixes brought by MCC implemented in. Custom weapons and AI should fit this artstyle too.

  • Go to your 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' folder. (Full default path is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps')
  • Make backups of the vanilla campaign maps: a10, a30, a50, b30, b40, c10, c20, c40, d20 and d40.
  • Now that they are backed up, replace those maps in 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' with the ones you downloaded.
  • Make sure you launch the game with anti-cheat disabled.
  • In mission options, make sure both 'Music' and 'Visuals and Effects' are set to Classic.
  • Then just play the Halo 1 campaign.

History of the Mod:
Working with the Halo Custom Edition modkit, I released the campaign overhaul mod 'Super Campaign Refined' just over 8 years ago.

While this version hasn't been 8 years in the making, my tagset has evolved over the years and thanks to Master Chief Collection getting official support for maps made with Custom Edition, I've been going over everything in my mod to bring it to a completely new level over the past few months.

All weapons, enemy types, scripts, campaign encounters and scenarios have received rebalances, bug fixes and improvements. And to not get mixed up with the fine folks behind the 'Halo CE Refined' project, this new version of my mod is simply called 'Super Campaign v2'.

With Covenant having the upper hand in the war, humanity's Super Spartan project was designed to beat them in the battlefield through attrition. Mass producing Mjolnir armors was enabled after cutting the cost by removing all life-support and related functions from the design to just create empty armored shells for housing simple combat-oriented "dumb" AIs.

Invasion of Reach was the real crash course for the project and it saw great success, with Covenant eventually losing almost every ground engagement they didn't evade. Their air-and-space superiority also took a hit with spaceships being invaded by using Mass Drivers to send in boarding parties of Super Spartans. Reach was protected, but as the Pillar of Autumn was leaving to explore the coordinates discovered by Halsey's research, the remaining Covenant fleet made the decision to retreat and pursue the leaving vessel instead of losing everything on Reach.

Which brings us to the start of the campaign. But unlike vanilla Halo, now the Pillar of Autumn has several hundred Super Spartans aboard in addition to it's normal crew.

Troubleshooting and Known Issues:

Super Campaign v2 is made using the official Custom Edition modkit, and then fine-tuned for Master Chief Collection. This means that it shouldn't need fixing with every new major MCC patch that would often break mods made specifically for it. However, this also means that some functionality is imperfect:
  • Only Classic graphics is supported.
  • Campaign scoring won't work.
  • Skulls sort of work, but might lead to bugs. Use at your own risk.
  • Some of the cutscenes might have bugs in them.
  • With how MCC caches resources, playing multiple modded maps in a row might cause eg. sound corruption. In such case simply restart the game and it'll be fixed.
  • On the bright side, many of the recent graphical fixes added to MCC work with this mod, while they don't in Custom Edition.

Optional Files:
  • If you'd prefer to play this mod on Halo Custom Edition instead of Master Chief Collection, I've included the files for that too.
  • Please download and use the right files. The Custom Edition maps won't work properly for MCC and vice versa.
  • If playing on Custom Edition, I recommend using a UI mod that has Campaign enabled.

Detailed Gameplay Changes:
  • You are no longer instantly killed by enemy headshots.
  • Shield recharge has been improved to make battles more dynamic with less waiting:
    • Delay before shields start to recharge improved from 6sec to 4.5sec.
    • Shield full recharge time improved from 8sec to 4sec on Easy, 4sec to 3.2sec on Normal and 2.66sec to 2sec on Heroic. Legendary remains at 2sec.
  • You now slowly regenerate health while at full shield and no overshields. This lessens the reliance on health packs without making them completely obsolete.
    • On Easy and Normal it takes 2min 30sec to regen from 1 health back to full. On Heroic 3min and on Legendary 3min 30sec.

Left to Right:
  1. Crewmen are usually too brave for their own good, but with no protective armor they fall just as quick as they do on vanilla.
  2. Marines have been made a bit tankier, and less prone to getting stunlocked by enemies. Marines take less damage from grenades.
  3. ODST do everything Marines do, just better. They're tougher and smarter and might not just get outright slaughtered by Covenant even on Legendary.
  4. Super Spartans are the silver bullet against Covenant in this mod's lore. They're empty armors each piloted by an onboard Artificial Intelligence. With the most fragile element (the human) removed, they're designed to win battles by outlasting the opponent. While not completely invincible, it would take an unrealistic amount of punishment to bring one down.


Left to Right:
  1. Grunt Minor. They throw grenades at a bit more speed and from a bit further away. The Plasma Pistol variants no longer have less health than the Needler variants.
  2. Grunt Major. They throw grenades at a bit more speed and from a bit further away. The Plasma Pistol variants no longer have less health than the Needler variants.
  3. Grunt Ultra. This new rank has a weak shield that protects them from instant headshots as well as flinching until it's depleted. They're usually found leading groups of lower rank Grunts or accompanying high rank Elites.
  4. Grunt Commander. This new rank is the peak of Grunt performance. Their shield and combat performance rivals that of an Elite Minor. They're exclusively found attending to Elite Commanders.
  5. Grunt SpecOps. They throw grenades at a bit more speed and from a bit further away. Health increased a bit.
  6. Grunt Heavy. New rank that specializes in using Ghosts, turrets and heavy weapons. They have increased health compared to Grunt Major but lower proficiency with non-heavy weapons.

Left to Right:
  1. Jackal Minor. Green shield, the most basic rank.
  2. Jackal Major. Unlike original Halo PC, they now have red shields to signify their rank.
  3. Jackal Ultra. New rank with white shield. They have increased combat performance and durability. Found moving in pairs or leading groups of lower rank Jackals.
  4. Jackal Commander. New rank with golden yellow shield. Even more seasoned combatants than the Ultra, they are only found attending to Elite Commanders.
  5. Jackal SpecOps. New rank with purple shield. New addition to the previously only Grunt+Elite strike teams.

Left to Right:
  1. Elite Minor. Blue armor, the basic variant.
  2. Elite Major. Red armor, a bit less basic variant.
  3. Elite Ultra. New rank with pearly/silver white armor. These officers use Plasma Storm as their signature weapon, and are met leading operations on the field, sometimes even in groups of several Ultras. They also often act as lieutenants to Elite Commanders.
  4. Elite Commander. The Gold Elite, the Zealot. The Plasma Rifle variants no longer have less health than the Energy Sword variants.
  5. Elite SpecOps. Black armor with a hint of purple, they lead specops strike teams and are the only Elite variant to throw grenades.
  6. Elite Stealth. You won't be able to see their shiny light blue armor in combat since they make use of Active Camouflage, in exchange of having no shields. They favor using Plasma Storm just like Elite Ultras.

Left to Right:
  1. Hunter. The normal dark blue hunter, using a fuel rod cannon. They've had their great weakness of getting one-shot by precision weapons rectified, and they're no longer instantly killed by vehicle rams.
  2. Plasma Chaingun Hunter. This new rank of green hunters use cannons that rapid fire plasma bolts. They have slightly higher health and intelligence.
  3. Antimatter Chaingun Hunter. This new rank of black/purple hunters use cannons that rapid fire lethal antimatter crystals. They have slightly higher health and intelligence.
  4. Hunter Ranger. This new rank of bright blue hunters use modified fuel rod cannons. With triple the maximum range and rate of fire, they'll prefer to bombard enemies from far away.
  5. Hunter Ultra Pair. One with a gun that fires an accurate stream of huge plasma blobs, and the other with a shotgun-type antimatter gun. Their armor is the signature Ultra pearly/silver white, and their arm shields have been upgraded with Energy Sword technology. Much more resilient to damage than any of the other Hunters, these variants are rare to meet. Trying to fight them alone is suicide with their superiority in close combat combined with the suppressive fire they can put out at medium to long ranges. Bringing the Pair down would take the coordinated efforts of a whole platoon of Super Spartans assisting Master Chief.

Left to Right:
  1. Skirmisher Minor. New type of enemy emulating those found on Reach. They use their speed and agility to outmaneuver their enemies with hit-and-run tactics. The minor has a dark grey armor.
  2. Skirmisher Major. Faded red armor, they have superior health and combat ability compared to the Minor.
  3. Skirmisher Commando. Dark green armor. Commandos have energy shields and they deploy Holograms for diversions in combat. They're most often found in Commando-only groups.
  4. Commando's Hologram. An illusion who won't fight and can't be damaged. You can tell them apart from the Commandos by their lack or weapon and shadow, as well as a moving green holographic effect around them.
  5. Skirmisher Stealth. You won't be able to see their blue armor in combat since they make use of Active Camouflage. However, in exchange they have a bit less health and speed than the other Skirmishers. Found in packs or accompanying Stealth Elites.
  6. Skirmisher Stalker. An unique variant of Stealth Skirmisher with brown armor. They don't participate in combat normally, but instead seek to stealthily stalk their enemies. The only weapon they carry is a single payload of plasma explosives that they want to blow up right next to you. They have high confidence in their camouflage and they'll keep stalking you as long as they think they're undetected. But if they think their cover is blown because you shoot at them or keep staring at them, they make a mad rush to try and take you out with them.

Left to Right:
  1. Sentinel Minor. Standard grey Sentinel, can come both with shield and without.
  2. Sentinel Major. Unlike vanilla version, they are now golden yellow with light blue beams. Can come both with shield and without. They now do more damage against the Flood.

Left to Right:
  1. Flood Combat Form Human. Besides the normal version, there is a mutated blue flood strain. The blue version is somewhat smarter, has increased health and makes more angry noises. They're also more likely to feign death and can do so more than once.
  2. Flood Combat Form Elite. Same thing, they also have mutated and improved blue versions.

Left to Right:
  1. Flood Infection Form. Normal version and the blue version responsible for blue Combat Forms.
  2. Flood Carrier Form. Unlike the normal version, the mutated blue version can have a surprise of Combat Forms inside of it instead of Infection forms. Their death explosions no longer set off grenades on the floor.

Left to Right:
  1. Flood Combat Form Elite Armored. Combat Form with the Elite armor still intact and shields enabled. The shield strength corresponds with the armor type: Minor, Major, Ultra, Commander and SpecOps. Can also come in mutated blue variants.
  2. Flood Combat Form Elite Stealth. Combat Form with the Elite armor still intact and Active Camouflage enabled. Can also come in mutated blue variants.

Left to Right:
  1. Flood Juggernaut. No, it's not an infected Spartan. These Flood Proto Forms are made of pure Flood biomass and don't require a host to infect. But unlike the Pure Forms from Halo 3, they're still prototypes and can't support their own mass without an endo+exoskeleton. This Proto Form has found the empty Mjolnir armor of a defeated Super Spartan and crawled itself inside as well as around it to create the Flood Juggernaut.
  2. Flood Giant. Same as above, it's a Proto Form using the armor from a dead Hunter as it's own endo+exoskeleton, creating the Flood Giant.

Changes to all AI:
  • The number of enemies spawned at once is more even across difficulties (Same on Legendary, more on lower difficulties).
  • Enemies user overcharge a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties.
  • Enemies throw grenades a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties.
  • Enemies on Legendary have a bit longer melee delay.
  • Enemies on Easy do less damage.
  • Fixed enemies on Easy being more accurate than on Normal.
  • Easy now spawns as many major variants as Normal does.
  • High rank enemies drop a bit more ammunition.
  • All Flood drop a bit more ammunition.

New Weapons:

Assault SMG and Silenced SMG:
Scope, higher accuracy, higher maximum range and great fit for short controlled bursts give these SMGs better performance at medium and long ranges at the cost of less total DPS at point blank range. These variations to the Assault Rifle use revolutionary 26th century technology to make their muzzle sounds a very specific frequency that's outside the range of hearing for all Covenant species, while perfectly audible to humans. You could full auto right behind an Elite and they would be none the wiser unless it's them you're shooting at. Technology isn't quite there yet to make them not feel the bullets.

Compared to the Assault Rifle:

  • +Assault SMG and Silenced SMG are completely silent to enemies, and don't reveal you while using Active Camouflage
  • +Assault SMG has much higher accuracy and is better at short controlled bursts, Silenced SMG higher accuracy and is much better at short controlled bursts
  • +Assault SMG has 3x zoom and integrated night vision, Silenced SMG has 2x zoom
  • +Assault SMG and Silenced SMG are a bit more effective against grunts, jackals, and elites
  • +Silenced SMG is a bit more effective against elite shields and flood
  • +Assault SMG and Silenced SMG have most maximum range
  • +Assault SMG has a bit faster reload
  • -Assault SMG does about 20% less DPS, Silenced SMG does about 10% less DPS
  • -Assault SMG is especially less effective against hunter armor and sentinels, Silenced SMG is especially less effective against hunter armor
  • -Assault SMG has a bit less bullet velocity, Silenced SMG has less bullet velocity

From the M6 series, this high-power pistol using high-caliber, armor-piercing ammunition has been nicknamed "Killer". It's high damage and accuracy but low rate of fire and magazine capacity compared to the M6D Pistol reward precision and punish spamming.

Compared to the Pistol:
  • +About twice the damage per bullet
  • +Much more accuracy
  • +More maximum range
  • +More bullet velocity
  • +Bit more effective against vehicles, grunts, hunter armor and sentinels
  • +Penetrates flesh, allowing hitting multiple unshielded targets if lined up
  • -Less rate of fire
  • -Half the magazine capacity and reserve ammo capacity
  • -Bit less effective against hunter flesh and flood
  • -Can only do semi-automatic, no full auto

White Death:
Do you wish you could take down even the high rank elites with a single headshot on Legendary? Look no further, we have the answer right here. White Death embraces the "one shot one kill" mentality, and makes you feel the power (and the kick) with each pull of the trigger. (Terms and Conditions apply. Unable to oneshot Hunters or Flood.) And that's not all, the new revolutionary scope system integrates directly with Mjolnir armor visor, enabling zoom without any distortion. Zooming in with White Death feels just like being right there with your target in person!

Compared to the Sniper Rifle:
  • +More damage
  • +Much more effective against elite shields
  • +Bit more effective against jackals and deals damage against jackal shields, instead of just bouncing off
  • +Zoom has no distortion from the scope, and still gives tactical information
  • +One more bullet per magazine
  • +Does some damage to vehicles, instead of none
  • +More bullet velocity
  • -Half the rate of fire
  • -Strong vertical recoil
  • -Only one level of zoom, at 6x instead of both 2x and 8x
  • -Bit less reserve ammo capacity

You know those giant Magnetic Accelerator Cannons on human spaceships and orbital defense platforms? This baby is a scaled-down, shoulder-mounted version of them. It can take out pretty much any enemy with a clean hit, and many just close to the impact. Only Hunter Ultra Pair can survive multiple perfect hits. But this immense power comes at a cost, a massive amount of kinetic energy is released when the slug leaves the barrel. The backlash is strong enough to tear the whole arm and shoulder off a person with just one shot. It's only feasible for someone wearing the Mjolnir armor to use this weapon, and even they will take some self-damage, but thankfully not instant dismemberment.

Compared to the Rocket Launcher:
  • +More damage, does both impact and explosion damage that can hit the same target
  • +More bullet velocity (as fast as a sniper rifle)
  • +More rate of fire
  • +More reserve ammo capacity
  • +More maximum range
  • -Self-damage with every shot
  • -Half the explosion radius
  • -Strong recoil

Most comparable to the Shotgun I guess, it's the short range weapon that was cut from the final version of the game while it's files still exist inside the game. Flamethrower here doesn't use all default stats it had though, I've made some changes to it such as removing self-damage from the flames.

Compared to the Shotgun:
  • +High damage over time
  • +Great at spreading damage on multiple targets
  • +Large magazine and reserve ammo capacity
  • -Lacks the stopping power and burst damage
  • -Have to manage both ammunition and overheating

Beam Pistol:
Kind of a middle ground between Carbine and Beam Rifle from later Halo games. High power pistol that shoots high velocity plasma bolt, could be likened to human Pistol and Killer. Has two levels of zoom, and the possibility of overloading to shoot a homing fuel rod.

Compared to the Plasma Pistol:
  • +Roughly triple the damage
  • +Can cause headshots
  • +More bullet velocity and no bullet drop
  • +Two zoom levels, 2x and 8x
  • +More maximum range
  • +Much more effective against against jackal shields
  • +Overcharge does AoE damage
  • +Aim assist works at longer range
  • -No unlimited rate of fire
  • -Bit less accuracy
  • -Less effective against flood, sentinels and elite energy shields
  • -Overcharge doesn't cause EMP
  • -Aim assist has less strength

Plasma Storm:
This yellow version of Plasma Rifle fires an accurate stream of plasma that melts through shields and flood flesh, but does worse against the health of armored targets.

Compared to the Plasma Rifle:
  • +Much more effective against flood, elite shields and jackal shields
  • +Much more rate of fire
  • +More accuracy, stays high even with full auto
  • +More bullet velocity
  • -Much less effective against all types of health
  • -Recovers slower if overheated
  • -Some physical recoil

This gun fires homing needles that contain trace amounts of Antimatter inside them. Highly lethal to most targets, the weapon emits a constant glow as a warning sign of the dangerous and volatile payload. The needles do some damage on impact too, instead of all on detonation.

Compared to the Needler:
  • +High damage against all targets
  • +Fires two needles per shot, resulting in supercombine with only 4 pulls of the trigger instead of 7
  • +Reaches maximum rate of fire faster
  • +More accuracy
  • +More maximum range
  • +More bullet velocity
  • +Supercombine explosion has a larger damage radius
  • +Supercombine explosion has high damage against all targets, except shields
  • +Deals damage against jackal shields, instead of just bouncing off
  • -Less maximum rate of fire
  • -Less reserve ammo capacity
  • -Supercombine explosion doesn't cause EMP
  • -Supercombine explosion has low damage against all shields

Changes to Vanilla Weapons:
  • All weapons with magazines get two extra magazines worth of max reserve ammo capacity.
  • All weapons with batteries drain a bit slower.
  • Energy Sword no longer instantly kills from full shields+health on any difficulty. (Legendary leaves you on 1 hp)
  • Fuel Rod Gun weapon expire explosion is less violent. (Less damage, force and radius)
  • Fuel Rod Gun does a bit less damage against vehicles and the player.
  • Needler melee damage increased against flood.
  • Needler supercombine explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor.
  • Plasma Grenade damage reduced a bit against the player.
  • Shotgun damage reduced a bit against the player.

Changes to Vehicles:
  • Covenant Gun Turret AI fires from a bit farther away.
  • Scorpion Cannon self-damage and friendly fire damage reduced.
  • Scorpion Cannon is more accurate but has less aim assist.
  • Scorpion Secondary Gun is more accurate but has less aim assist.
  • Warthog gunner AI buffed.
  • Wraith mortar explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor.
  • Wraith has a bit less rate of fire, mortar projectile speed, explosion radius and damage to humans and players.

Level Specific Changes:
  • All encounters reworked and polished.
  • Added many new encounters.
  • All cutscenes should be lore-friendly.
  • There are more ammo and weapons to be found on the ground, mostly with environmental storytelling tied to it.
The Pillar of Autumn:
  • I assume anyone downloading this mod has played Halo before, so the initial tutorial is skipped on every difficulty now.
  • Grenades are now enabled from the start even on Easy and Normal.
Truth and Reconciliation:
  • Captain Keyes has much more health for the escort section
Assault on the Control Room:
  • Allies take longer to exit vehicles after you do. (Better grace period for opening doors etc)
The Library:
  • Now has some flood-spore fog across the level.
  • You'll have two Super Spartan allies follow you across the level. Don't worry about having to leave them behind at any point, they'll always catch back up to you.
  • At the beginning of the level, if you don't jump down into the coolant no matter how much Cortana pleads you to, you can fight against an escalating and endless gauntlet of Flood.