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Project Duel is a PvP and PvE mod aimed to improve the competitive balance of the game, making every weapon more unique and viable in a multiplayer envyronment. New additions are present too!

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Mod Content:

Mod Content:
-Total rebalance to the Halo:Reach core gameplay, with a focus on 1v1 content and with new additions to the sandbox.
-Every map built on "Forge World" is supported.
-The firefight map "Installation 04" is avaible to test the new weapons, but it's no mere "training room": the map is modified to provide a new and
challenging firefight experience!
-6 Forge maps forged by me are included with the "official" Duel settings!

Let's take a look to the main changes:

-Magnum: 12 Clip size. RoF similar to the CE pistol, no bloom. 4 shots to kill.
-DMR: Reworked into the Halo 3 BR. It's him in almost anything but it's precision, since it's a bit more precise then the H3 BR.
-Needle Rifle: Complete Overhaul. Now does almost no DMG but subercombines on shields with 7 needles! Needles explode like Combat Evolved doing a bit of damage.
-Carbine: My custom made Covenant Carbine. It's battery-powed like SPV3 and it can fire full'auto like the Needle Rifle. Kills in 5 shots.
-Sniper Rifle: Now with a 3x zoom.
-Plasma Repeater:  Fires 5-shot bursts.
-Shotgun: Made similar to its Halo CE iteration. Long Range and big spread.
-Assault Rifle: Made similar to its Halo Infinite iteration.
-Plasma Rifle: Stats based on its halo CE variant. Faster projectiles, more damage on unshielded characters. It's now the weapon which competes with the AR, since the Plasma Repeater is now burst-like. Can stun.
-Plasma Pistol: Stats based on its halo CE variant. Slower Projectiles, more damage on unshielded characters.
-Grenade Launcher: Now uses its Reach:Beta stats, making hit a bit more skill based.
-Rocket Laucher: Stats similar to Halo 3.
-Concussion Rifle: Completely reworked: Now fires proximity mines that stuck to almost anything and explode after 1.5 seconds.
-Needler: Bigger clip size, slightly worst aiming than vanilla. Kills slower then the others automatics, but requires way less aim.
-Mangler: Reworked the Spiker based on the new Halo Infinite handgun. Works like a really powerfull Magnum, with less precision, no scope but 3 shot kills.
-Focus Rifle: Complete Rework: Works like an automatic precision weapon, firing short burst of energy that can't headshot, but can kill in 3 bursts, if they are all on target.
-Plasma Caster: Works similar to its Halo 5 variant. Firing its charged shots costs twice the ammo.
-Brute Plasma Rifle: Faster RoF than the Elite variant, bigger spread and worse heat control. Can stun.
-Brute Plasma Pistol: Based on Halo CE SPV3. Fires 3 shots with its regular fire. Its charged attack its a concussive grenade which does a big splash damage.
-Brute Railgun: Functions like the Halo 4 Railgun.
-Fuel Rod Gun: Works like a slightly weaker rocket launcher with 3 clip size and mortar-like projectiles.
-Plasma Launcher: Every shot costs 10% battery.
-Gravity Hammer: Every shot costs 10% battery.
-Energy Sword: It now takes 1.5 seconds before the weapon is ready to be used. Damage reduced.
-Prophet's Bane: Arbiter's Energy Sword from Halo 5! (Just a cooler and stronger ES).
-Flamethrower: A fully functional Flamethrower! Based on the work of The Vangefull Vadam on Reach Evolved and on the Halo CE Flamethrower. Sets unshielded
characters on fire!
-Frag Granade: Stats similar to Halo CE. Bigger Explosion, DMG buff and explode only on rest.
-Plasma Granade: Stats similar to Halo CE. Bigger Explosion, DMG buff, 2 seconds timer and an EMP effect!
-Player: The shields recharge like Halo 3 (5 seconds delay, 2 seconds to fully recharge). Jump height and movement speed increased to be like Halo 3.
Movement accelleration reworked to be more similar to Combat Evolved andto provide a better strafe. Melee DMG reduced to 70 like Halo 3. Can hold up to 4 Grenades.
-All weapons have new viewpoints (Based on Combat Evolved and on the excellent work of the modder of Halo Reach Evolved).
-Drones added into the firefight.
-Complete rebalance of the enemies of the firefight. Elites and Grunts look like thei CE counterparts.
-Removed the Man Cannon from Installation 04.
-Added crates with weapons both human and covenant.

Special Credits:

-The Vangeful Vadam for many viewmodels and ideas from his excellent "Reach Evolved" Campaign mod! The Plasma Caster it's a weapon closely based on his
-Gold Pro Arena for the Brute Railgun.