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Ever wanted to bless the rains down in Forge World? Well now you can!

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HUGE thanks to RoguePolizei for making some art for this mod, (which will be up soon once I get around to updating it) You can find their Twitter here!

I have loved rain ever since I was young. I find it relaxing, soothing and beautiful. When I learned Halo Reach modding would be supported on PC, and when I also learned how easy it was, I hopped right in and made something from the heart.

This mod modifies Forge World so that:

- The halo ring, sun and clouds are no longer visible.
- The sky is dark gray.
- There is a heavy fog
- The light level is reduced heavily
- Darkened/Less saturated water!
- Removed Shadows!
- Adjusted intensity for filters so now you can actually use them!
- Unlocked barriers
- Unlocked forge outside of map
- Of course, rain.


1. It rains indoors
2. Puddles/water doesn't have any rain ripples sadly.