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This is a sound replacement for the Battle Rifle in Halo 3, blending the Infinite Battle Rifle with the Halo 3 version.

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This is a sound replacement for the Battle Rifle in Halo 3. I took the Battle Rifle sound from the Infinite blog, split it into separate shots, and added it to Halo 3. The end result was a nice mix between the Halo 3 BR and the Infinite BR.

If you enjoy this mod, consider joining us over at Anchor 9 to talk Halo with us.

Thank you Phlosio for the idea, and thank you /r/HaloMods for the awesome documentation on adding my own sounds.

Installing this mod is easy, navigate to this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3\fmod\pc

And replace your sfx.fsb with the one provided in the download. I recommend backing up your original file, as you should with any mods. If I can learn how to make this mod manager friendly, I'll update my download.

In the additional files, I've included the Infinite BR sound (from the blog post), as well as my split audio for each round fired. You're free to use them, but please link back to my Twitter if you use my edits in your own published work. (Not neccesary ofc with gameplay, but it's appreciated!)

Mod by Agoat, Infinite sounds by 343 via this blog post: