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"Halo 3: Demon" is a rebalance of arguably Bungie's greatest campaign, and provides players with a fun new way to play Halo. In demon, almost every weapon has been adjusted to have a unique and worthwhile role in the sandbox, vehicles have been changed, and both enemy and friendly AI have been adjusted.

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In Halo 3: Demon, consistency is key. The player, friendlies, and enemies operate all on the same damage scale, and adjustments done to weapons remove a majority of "cheap" deaths in the game. The player has been made slightly faster, and a new balance of shields, health, and recharge times means that players are able to spend less time hiding, and more time in the fight. Weapons have been drastically overhauled, and almost every weapon incorporates a more advanced ballistics system where gravity, timing, and recoil are always a factor. Adversely, most weapons are a lot more accurate, so as long as you can manage these predictable factors, your rounds should go where you send them, though, there are a few exceptions in the sandbox with their own interesting quirks. 

Vehicles as well have seen numerous changes, and your newly improved AI teammates should have much less trouble operating their weaponry as you maneuver through the battlefield with superior handling and speed at your disposal. Speaking of AI, expect to have your marines and elites follow you throughout the level, as the UNSC's best and brightest are now smarter, stronger, and more deadly in battle. That being said, they're not invincible, and increased engagement ranges mean you'll need to take down the enemies heavy weapons to keep your marines alive.

However tough your allies may be, though, the enemy is even tougher. The brutes have been overhauled to be tougher foes, with heavy armor that'll no longer shatter from a few rounds. However, certain enemies, like the dreaded jackal snipers, have been made significantly more tame through numerous balancing changes.

In addition to the changes to the gameplay, some quality of life changes have been made, such as adjustments made to weapon view models to show off the assets Bungie worked so hard on in all their detail.

After days of playtesting, Halo 3: Demon is in a state I would call complete. However, I will without a doubt be revisiting this mod in the future, as nothing is ever perfect, and I welcome player feedback for future changes in balance and pacing.