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In Takedown: The Introduction, play as Gray and uncover a panel in a snowy canyon before the Covenant do. In Takedown: Project Lawson, play as Karner and infiltrate a rogue spartans organization. OPEN SAUCE (3.0.3+) is required to play. It has been included in this download. You must install before playing. Works with the Universal UI.

Permissions and credits
||| Takedown: Project Lawson + Takedown: The Introduction (Re-Release Version) |||

Download includes: (The following has all been compressed into a single rar at 465mb)
Readme - CE3 Edition.txt (4kb)
MAP FILES.rar (460mb)
---Installation Intructions.txt (>1 kb) (366mb)
---takedown_projectlawson.yelo (519mb)
OpenSauce_Halo1_CE_20130120.7z (7mb)
---OpenSauce_Halo1_CE.msi (8mb)
Bonus Material.rar (21mb)
---Deleted Scenes.mp4 (22mb)
---theintroduction_scripts.hsc (22kb)
---projectlawson_scripts.hsc (151kb)
---wallpaper_16.9.jpg (509kb)
---wallpaper_16.10.jpg (557kb)
Takedown: Project Lawson
By: MatthewDratt
Released on 7/20/13

Short Description: Infiltrate Lawson's orginization and find out what he's up to.

Full Description:
Finally... Here it is after all this time, the release of Takedown: Project Lawson. It's been one hell of a learning experience.

The story is you (Karner) and your partner Kadar infiltrate a rogue Spartan's organization. This rogue spartan (Lawson) thinks you are joining his organization. As such you are sent on a mission with him. Get inside this forerunner structure and find what Lawson is so eager for inside.

This story follows Takedown: The Introduction, so if you haven't played that, go play it! (A new re-release version has been released alongside this project!)

Takedown: Project Lawson is a single player map based off the an extended version of the Danger Canyon bsp, as well as some custom BSP. It features complete cinematics as well as a variety of gameplay situations.

Takedown: Project Lawson was made with 70 degrees Field Of View. Changing these settings may result in unexpected graphical bugs.

Note: It is possible the game may exception if you skip to Rally Point Alpha in the load menu. This is a rare occurrence and shouldn't happen a second time.

TO LOAD THE MAP, HIT (~) AND ENTER "takedown_projectlawson". OR GET THE UNIVERSAL UI.

OPEN SAUCE (3.0.3+) is required to play. Open Sauce 3.1 has been included in this download. You must install before playing.
You can find help and more information about Open Sauce for Halo here:

Full Credits:
MatthewDratt: Project Lead
SlowBullet: Ideas, Support & Testing
killzone64: L Base BSP
Mangenkyo: BSP Textures, Jackals Multipurpose
Spartan094: Various tags and help
Bourrin33: Portable Health Pack, Hunter, Elites, Some placeholder tags
darksoldier: Spartan Shaders
L283023: Grunts
CMT: Brutes, Jackal model, Flood Elite
ShadowSlayer123: Sentinels
Zteam: Halo 3 Weapons, Warthog
Goldkilla88: Halo 3 Flood
Jesse: HUD
Moooseguy: UI Opening
Kirby: Scripting Help & Tagwork
M16: Some bipeds & animations
Killermax: Someone I should thank

Thanks to all of my beta testers!

Voice Acting:
Lawson - Bryan Newman
Karner - David Moore
Kadar - Temptii
Nova - Austin Douglas Ford
Harper - Hoosieraussie
Door Guard - (SBB) Storm
Alpha's New Recruit - Dumb AI
Lieutenant - Hiralis
Chess Players - Austin Douglas Ford
Karen - Camille Chase
Troop talking about bases A - Higuy
Troop talking about bases B - Lodex
Troop talking about new troops A - XlzQwerty1
Troop talking about new troops B - The Watch
Troop order warthog tires - Morpheus414
Takedown: The Introduction (Re-Release version)
By: MatthewDratt
Originally released on 7/28/12
Re-Released on 7/13/13

Short description: Relive the Introduction with updated cinematics, tagset, and gameplay!

Full description:
With the release of Takedown: Project Lawson, I wanted to give people a reason to play The Introduction one last time before playing Project Lawson. With new voice acting, updated tagset, and more, this re-release version is what you would expect in a full map release!

Relive your moments as Gray through Ice fields with updated cinematics, tagset, and more.
Catch up on the Takedown lore by replaying The Introduction that started it all.

Full Creidts:
MatthewDratt - Project Lawson
Mangenkyo - Jackals Multipurpose
Spartan094 - Elites Ingame, Spartans
Bourrin33 - Hunter, Elite Shaders, Some placeholder tags
L283023 - Grunts
CMT - Brutes, Jackal model
Zteam - Halo 3 Weapons, Warthog
Jesse - HUD

Gray - E.J. Luning
Commander Harper - Hoosieraussie
Contact information:
Website -
Xfire- MatthewDratt
Email- [email protected]
Youtube - MatthewDratt
Halomap - MatthewDratt