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This mod aims to make Half-Life: Alyx playable without using VR through Keyboard & Mouse. Most things are working, such as hand interactions, button presses, weapons, movement, etc.

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About This Mod:
This mod is aimed at people who are lifetime fans of Half-Life series but can not afford VR headsets due to their prices. While this mod isn't a full replacement, it is something that will allow you to experience a part of Half-Life Alyx, and relive those glorious days and awaken those dormant feelings that you once used to feel as a child when you played Half-Life.
I made this mod for myself so that I could play and experience Half-Life Alyx before my death (If Corona Virus happens to me), and for those of you that fear that they might not live long enough to be able to buy a VR headset and play the game.

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Download FakeVR Mod Files From Here (For people with game versions older than V1.4) : Half-Life: Alyx FakeVR Mod | GoogleDrive
Download FakeVR Mod Files From Here (For people with V1.4 & Newer/Steam) : Half-Life: Alyx FakeVR Mod | GoogleDrive
Support me on Patreon: Unreal Academy | Patreon
How To Tutorial Video: FAQ/Tutorial | Half-Life: Alyx FakeVR Mod
Controls Of The Mod: Controls | Half-Life: Alyx FakeVR Mod
Official Walkthrough Series: Half-Life Alyx FakeVR Mod Walkthrough Series | YouTube