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This mod adds an additional 12 Officers to the Officer pool. 9 of which are styled after the crew of Serenity from Firefly.

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This mod adds an additional 12 custom Officers to the officer pool of Halcyon 6. These officers do not overwrite existing officers, they are simply added to the overall pool.

Installation: Follow the pathing within the main folder to install. Go to your Halcyon 6 folder and go from there.

At this time these officers are based on existing in-game art and skills (Halcyon 6 is still in early access). Once the developers open up their art assets I will be adding custom portraits and art for each of these officers. Ideally I will add unique skills as well. At this time they are their own separate officers - with specialized quotes from the Firefly tv series.

Luckily the developers are planning to open up their files for more additional modding and mod tools in the future, which will give me even more options to use in making unique officers. Enjoy!
Firefly Officers:
Malcolm Reynolds - Tactical - Legendary
Inara Serra - Tactical - HighDiplomacy Skill
Jayne Cobb - Tactical
Zoe Washburne - Tactical
Hoban 'Wash' Washburne - Engineer
Kaylee Frye - Engineer - Legendary
Mr. Universe - Engineer
Dr. Simon Tam - Science
Shepherd Book - Science - MediumDiplomacy Skill
Unique Officers:
Caitlan Heightfire - Tactical - Legendary
Mystrala Nyx - Science - MediumDiplomacy Skill
Riechan Jax - Engineer - Legendary
Follow the pathing within themain folder to install. Go to your Halcyon 6 folder and go from there.

*Keep in mind that in using this mod - like any mod - you do so at your own risk. Halcyon 6 is still in early access and will have many updates to come. I will be providing updates as they do.