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Overhaul to progression including Level 10 Weapon Aspects, Level 5 Keepsakes, and doubled the talents on the Mirror of Night

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This is my personal overhaul to progression including Level 10 Weapon Aspects, Level 5 Keepsakes, and doubles the talents on the Mirror of Night.

Weapon Aspects
  • Weapons can now be upgraded from level 1 to level 10, with costs: 0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5
  • Level 1 of all perks costs 0 and Zag Aspects have better 'starts' to encourage experimentation
  • Level 1 -> Level 5 costs 6 Titan Blood total, a cost reduction with about the same as vanilla
  • Level 1 -> Level 10 costs 25 Titan Blood total, a significant investment but greater values than vanilla

Zagreus Aspect Rebalance
  • Sword starts at 10% Attack and Move Speed and scales to 35%
  • Spear starts at 5% Critical Chance, Throw Range, and Damage and scales to 25%
  • Shield starts at +5 base damage and 5% Damage Reduction and scales to +20 / 20%
  • Bow starts at 5% Critical Chance and Dodge Chance and scales to 20%
  • Fist starts at 10% Damage and Dodge Chance and scales to 30%
  • Rail starts at +5 ammo and 5% damage and scales to +20 / 20%

  • Keepsakes Scale to level 5, taking 75 / 100 chambers to level to 4 / 5 respectively
  • Force Spawn Keepsakes (that up rarity of a god) give an extra chance for epic and legendary boons

Mirror of Night
  • Doubles the talents on the mirror of night
  • Base Talents are unchanged
  • New talents are significantly more expensive

  • Rail has 20 base ammo so I don't end up shooting myself when I use it

Respec all Mirror of Night perks before installing or uninstalling.

To install, backup your save data (and game data if you want, otherwise use steam verify integrity).  Then, unzip into Hades folder.

To uninstall, reset your game data (verify steam integrity).