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Adds Levels to the Mirror of Night past the ones within the vanilla game. Tries not to edit the base game values, and instead adds extra levels that are much more expensive than the base game.

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What is this mod:
This mod is a .lua edit that adds Levels to the Mirror of Night past the ones within the vanilla game. This mod tries not to edit the base game  values, and instead adds extra levels that are much more expensive than the base game.

This lua edit was made from scratch but was inspired by the Mirror of Night Extended Lua Edit by Hisu, which can be found here:

Why is this a beta?:
The total amount of darkness required exceed 500,000 darkness, and currently it is unreasonable to max out the entire tree without darkness boosting. A more reasonable version is in the works, but in order for testing i've made them a bit excessive, as not to break the original game. There are also parity discrepancies between the different Mirror of night upgrades, and their progression, I am still attempting to normalize.

How to install:
Find your Hades install directory. On Steam you can Right Click --> Manage --> Open Directory in Explorer.
Go to Hades/Content/Scripts/ and save MetaUpgradeData.Lua somewhere else on your computer.
Drag the MetaUpgradeData.Lua file included in the mod package into Hades/Content/Scripts. Replace if Necessary.

How to uninstall:
Reset your Mirror of Night Upgrades (Or else you'll get whatever the new values of the darkness rewards are for darkness)
Replace the MetaUpgradeData.lua with the original file.

Base Edit: Adds levels roughly on an exponential scale, tries to make a smooth experience, but has some inconsistencies with progression if the user decides to stack a single mirror trait multiple times.

10x System: A tiered system that essentially makes 3 tiers, the base (vanilla) tier, an endgame tier that's roughly 5 -> 10x more expensive (for postgame), and a hyper-lategame tier that realistically should never be reached unless you are crazy, but is meant for darkness scaling rewards, WHICH ARE IN THE WORKS!

Challenges i'm working on:
The hardest wall to overcome is that there is a reason why most of the abilities stop where they are. The game fundamentally breaks in certain cases, even a single stat increase that goes over the cap makes the game much too easy, especially at lower heat levels. For example, too many ranks in Shadow Presence could make your weapon One hit most enemies, making the game inconsequentially easy.

I've highly considered messing with the Pact of Punishment.Lua to make a partnering edit that would scale with it, and then the player could incorporate a mod edit such as MoreDarknessForHeat to balance it.

That being said, ANY help or suggestions of balance or otherwise are 100% welcome and i'll try to respond to them weekly.

This mod does not work with mods that modify the Mirror of Night Upgrades, and will replace/be replaced by the newest iteration.

Also make sure to back up your saves (C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Saved Games\Hades\ ...) or else you risk data read errors that will cause you to restart