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A Rebalance of the Game, that touches on almost every aspect.

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Path to Purgatory Mod
Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Warnings
  3. Content
  4. Future Plans
  5. Installation
  6. Compatibility
  7. Lastest Changelog
  8. Known Issues
  9. Credits

1. Overview

This mod attempts to go through the game's Boons, Meta Upgrades, Keepsakes, Items, etc. in order to change them for a more enjoyable Hades experience. All changes were done in order to give the game more longevity and standarize boosts to the player character. They are not final, and I am very much open to suggestions on future changes, nerfs or buffs. The most important part is that this is meant to change the game but not make it so you can just breeze through without any trouble; it's meant to simply enhance or change your experience a bit for you to have some extra fun.
For maximum enjoyment, I recommend you play this mod on a 100% fresh file, so you're able to experience the slower but better paced progression the mod offers.

2. Warnings

Please, for your own sake, backup both your save and all files that this mod alters. I won't be responsible if a bug or any irrecuperable damage to your save/game. I recommend you backup your entire Scripts and Game folders, but if you wish to backup the individual files, I'll refer to their locations below.

Save File Location: C:\...\Documents\Saved Games\Hades
Backup the entire Underlined Folder.

Files Altered by this Mod:

3. Content

Below will be listed every single change done by this mod, in no particular order:


Not many changes done to Charon's stores, but there are some. Here are they:
Store Rooms will now no longer offer Darkness for Sale.
Ignited Ichor from the Well of Charon will now boost Special Damage by 30% instead of Move Speed by 20%. It'll cost 40 coins, like Cyclops Jerky.
The last Store in Styx will now always offer a Daedalus Hammer that costs 500 coins, in place of the Meta Progression items, which were honestly overpriced to no end and no one ever really bothered to buy them.

Wretched Broker:

Costs were changed to be a little more equivalent, and the trades were made so you can exchange "Room Rewards" between eachother. Regular offers "suck" on purpose, as they're meant for when you have too much of something or you're just in a pinch for one of the meta currencies. You'll get 6 offers from the start, 4 Regular and 2 Special. The Special offers will be limited at first but unlock as you beat the Underworld bosses. The price for Titan Blood, Diamond and Ambrosia is steeper on purpose, but the offers themselves offer you big value for multiple trades.
Further changes are below:


All keepsakes now cap at level 5, and require 25, 50, 75 and 100 chambers to level up, meaning a total of 250 chambers to level up from the time you've obtained one, to the maximum level. Some keepsakes got stronger than their current level 3 once they achieve level 5, some were kept the same, but with slower progression (but none got weaker). To save space, "God's Favor" was added instead of "You next boon will be from God".



Some weapons were rebalanced to be more on par with one another. Some changes were made to specific aspects, some other changes affect the weapon in general. In general, weapons were made stronger by a bit.


Much like the Weapons, some Boons drastically outperform other Boons. Changes were made in order for Boons to not only follow a more linear progress when climbing through rarities, but to make not-so-good boons at least good.

Daedalus Hammers:

Daedalus upgrades were changed not only in balance, but some of them now work completely different. Every weapon has at least 1 revamped Upgrade that works completely different from what it used to be. Here are the changes:

Mirror of the Night:

New levels were added to many of the Mirror's bonuses, and some of them now have slower progression. This was done for a more lenient curve on progression, and to pair well with the Heat Changes. Basically, if the game is too easy with these new bonuses, just turn on the Heat. Beware though: The Mirror gets expensive, and fast.

Pact of Punishment:

You can now go up to 100 Heat! Changes were made thinking on the new balance of the game with what was buffed and whatnot. As in the regular game, you're supposed to slowly increase the Heat as you progress and get more Meta Currency to enventually be able to take down higher levels of Heat. That said, a 100 Heat run is most likely nigh impossible, no matter how hard you try. Here are the changes:


Room Darkness Reward now gives you 25 Darkness instead of 10.
Room Gems Reward now gives you 10 Gems instead of 5.
Reduced the amount of rewards Quests give. Reason for this: Most of them gave too much for little effort. They still give you rewards, just less so.
Made the quest for Skelly's Trophies require more Heat (10, 25, 50), since you can achieve much higher heat levels.
Made Bouldy's Blessings slightly better (they now have a min. of 5% and a max. of 15%).
All Weapons are unlocked with 3 keys.

4. Future Plans

Initial Release.

Working On:
Increasing each biome's length by a bit (5-ish rooms) and tie it into Heat, as well as make the game slightly harder when doing so.

To-Do List:
Making new God Boons with any unused Icons I can find (didn't look into it yet);
Make a new Extreme Measures level for the Hades boss fight;
Work on Poms of Power and their scaling a bit.

5. Installation

Backup your save and all the files this mod edits, as specified in "2. Warnings";
Download the latest version of the Mod in the Download Tab;
Go to C:\...\Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\;
Make sure you're not in the middle of a run (things might not work properly);
Extract the attached file and overwrite all files when it asks for it;
Launch the game, have fun with the mod!

Make sure you're not in the middle of a run (again);
Copy and paste all the files in your backup folder back into their original places;
Launch the game, have fun (without the mod)!

Same proccess as installing the mod.

6. Compatibility

This mod is currently incompatible with any other mod that alters the same files as it.
As there aren't that many mods out currently, it's not really a major issue, but will be dealt with in the coming days.
Compatibility will be later available through Prometheus, once it's needed (or I get to it).

Compatibility List:

7. Changelog

Version v1.0:

Initial release.

8. Known Issues

Incorrect text on Ignited Ichor (the Tooltip.Data is supposed to display as 30%);
Adamant Arrows not properly boosting damage on foes with Gems in them.

9. Credits

Super Giant Games for making this amazing game;
PonyWarrior for helping me out on modding doubts and for allowing me to use his BetterBow mod in my mod;
opelit for helping me out on modding doubts;
Whyme Lyu for helping me out on modding doubts;
Ship for helping me out on modding doubts;
[TLG] Netherworld for reporting bugs/errors/mistakes;
Robby for reporting bugs/errors/mistakes;
And everyone else in the modding discord (that you should join) for working on the game.

Join the Hades Modding Discord: [Invite Link]