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Hades mod adding support for ultrawide monitors (21:9, 32:9), multi-monitor (48:9), and custom resolutions.

Permissions and credits
CLI tool for patching any resolution in Supergiant Games' Hades, primarily targeting ultrawide monitors (21:9, 32:9) and multi-monitor (48:9).
Hephaistos can bypass both pillarboxing and letterboxing, which are the default on non-16:9 resolutions for Hades, and allows using custom resolutions (useful for custom window sizes and multi-monitor without Eyefinity / Surround).

I have done several runs with Hephaistos and am confident you should not encounter major issues.
Still, you are most welcome to report anything you witness by opening a new issue on GitHub (ideally with screenshots / videos / a save file) and I will definitely have a look and fix it 👌

- Download one of:
- Windows: hephaistos-windows.zip
- MacOS: hephaistos-macos.zip
- Linux: hephaistos-linux.zip
- [Advanced] Python: hephaistos-python.zip
- Extract the archive. You should get:
- Windows: hephaistos.exe executable.
- MacOS / Linux: hephaistos executable.
- Python: hephaistos, hephaistos-data and sjson directories.
- Move all extracted files to Hades main directory. Hephaistos must be sitting right next to the default Hades directories:
* Content
* x64
* x64Vk
* x86
* hephaistos.exe
If you don't know where Hades is, Hephaistos can try to give you a tip by auto-detecting from Steam and Epic Games configuration files:
- Windows: run hephaistos.exe
- MacOS / Linux: run hephaistos
- Python: run python -m hephaistos
Note that you still have to move the files to the Hades directory manually before continuing.
Once Hephaistos is placed in the proper directory, you can use it in two ways:
- [Easy] Directly run Hephaistos and follow the interactive instructions: see Interactive mode for detailed help.
- [Advanced] Run Hephaistos from the command line: see CLI usage.

Release notes / Changelog
Please see the changelog on GitHub.