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Fixes CC2's mistake when saving Pi's texture not making her glasses transparent.

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This mod is to fix Pi's glasses! No more solid fake glass!

[1.] Download the latest Special K for hackGU made by 
Kaldaien Download Special K 

[2.] From the special K package you can drag and drop the contents into the
hackGU game folder. The contents should include a dinput8.dll and
dxgi.dll, These files go where you see the "hackGU.exe" along with the
rest of the Special K contents.

[3.] Download MY mod from the Nexus.

[4.] Unpack my mod into your game folder matching the folder structure \steamapps\common\hackGU\SK_Res\etc,...

[5.] OPTIONAL. If you wish to use ReShade to it's fullest you will need to download it from ReShade.me and download the sahders you want, Kal has only included a few that likely are allowed to be distributed.
[5.5] Copy  the "Shaders" and "Textures" folders from the "reshade-shaders" folder that was now made post ReShade installation.

[6.] Paste these inside the "ReShade" folder from Special K. Once in-game
you can now use Shift+F2 to configure your own Reshade.
[6.5] Once you are done making your ultimate ReShade make sure to change from
Config mode to Performance mode. The shaders will load much faster!

[7.] To disable the ReShade use Shift+F2 and turn off the effects that are loaded. Then click off the box in the top right.

[8.] You are done! or should be and everything SHOULD work.