Guilty Gear Xrd
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Empty transparent replacement graphics for the Battle HUD and the Story GUI.

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Empty transparent replacement graphics for the Story GUI and Battle HUD.


  • The "Hide Battle HUD" pack cannot hide the bar used in the stagger timer, Zato-ONE's Eddie gauge and Sin Kiske's calorie gauge, nor the scroll bar used in the score window, because they have no associated graphics.
  • The "Hide Battle HUD" pack also hides the font graphic used in menus, because it can also be displayed on the Battle HUD.

Hide Story GUI

This pack hides all immediate interface graphics related to Story mode, including the dialogue window, text, titles and button prompts.

Hide Battle HUD

This pack hides almost all immediate interface graphics related to the battle HUD, including the main HUD, all text displays, and miscellaneous graphics.


  • Download this archive containing uMod V2.0 Alpha (r53)
  • Extract the contents of the archive to a directory
  • Start "uMod\uMod.exe" from the directory you extracted the contents of the "uMod V2.0 Alpha (r53)" archive to
  • In the "uMod V 20 alpha (r53) by ROTA" window:
    • In the menu bar:
      • Select "Main>Use global hook"
      • Select "Main>Add game"
      • In the "Select a game binary." navigation window:
        • Navigate to Steam's installation directory
        • Navigate to ".\steamapps\common\GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-\Binaries\Win32"
        • Select "GuiltyGearXrd.exe"
        • Press the "Open" button

  • Download any of the ZIP archives from the "Files" section to a directory
  • Start GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- through Steam
  • Drag downloaded ZIP archives from the directory you saved them to onto the "uMod V 20 alpha (r53) by ROTA" window