Guilty Gear Xrd
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Replaces Ky's C2 with Robo-Ky like palette.

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Made with uMod, makes Ky's C2 look like Robo-Ky from the past games.


1- This mod requires the uMod tool, get it here. (get r51 or r53)
2- Launch uMod.
3- At the top, under Main, select Add Game and choose the game executable (Binaries/Win32/GuiltyGearXrd.exe) and also tick the "Use Global Hook" option.
4- Now with uMod open, launch the game, let it load, and go back to uMod, just drag and drop this mod's .zip file in uMod and it should work.


Just drag and drop the zip file to uMod with the game open if you already set it up.

Notes: You only need to do these steps the first time. After that, uMod should load the mods you added automatically. If one day it doesn't, just drag the mods into uMod's window again while the game is running. Also, uMod needs to be running everytime you launch the game, don't forget.

The face details look weird, it's the best I could do for now.