Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

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Two save files per slot. One is 99.9% , one is 100% (in both). However there is one I call fun mode to get the flying chicken power and gold medal all the inferno as easy as possible while doing as little else in the game as possible.

Permissions and credits
Included is two save files I split up into two folders.

#1 - 99.9%
100% - my original 100% save file
a 99.9% file where you've got one task to do

#2 - fun mode
100% - my original 100% save file
"fun mode" I wanted the tougher achievements on steam to be easily cleared. As well as getting the chicken flying ability as quick as possible.

the save location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\
then your steam user ID

paste the files there and you're done

The 99.9% file
Only three chests are left and it couldn't be easier to find. All the chests locations have been revealed on the map. However a bit more detail for those who haven't played the game in a while.

#1 - on top of the church
jump or fly to the top of the church

#2 - inside the church
there is a little space to fly into at the top left

#3 - inside a house near the church
you've got to go downstairs and notice all the soccer stuff. Walk into it in chicken form

As an added bonus this doesn't count towards 100% but you can buy the last few items in the vending machine

The "Fun mode" 
#1 - Get the last orb.
It's in Juan's homes basement (Agave Field), go to the basement and switch to the chicken form and switch to the other dimension. Afterwards you can fly by tapping the jump button in chicken form only making some of the more tougher challenges easier. This is what makes it fun mode.

#2 - get the last gold medal in inferno - "challenge 1"

#3 - this is also what makes it fun mode. Except for 2 chests every other chest must be smashed and every quest must be done to 100% the game. If you're having troubles doing the combos use the software cheat engine as some can get very difficult.

To progress with the story fight Javier Jaguar at the top right portion of Sierra Morena and you're set.