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Quality: 8
Creativity: 8
Installation Instructions: 8

Overall Rating: 8
Full Conversion mod for San Andreas Version 1.5 By Patbreu (breu27[at]zonnet.nl)

This is probably the last update....

I retextured 50 (Since version 1.1) of the largest txd.vehicle files, I managed to shrink the img file by about 150 mb,

and made the whole game more stable, I've played it to 100%, and since the Lincoln towncar is out and the DoDo changed to original had no crashes.

The game runs more smoothly now, was a lot of work and just made some small vehicle changes.

First of, empty your garages when using an old savegame or empty them with a Trainer.

Carmodshops don't work properly and can crash the game.

I've added the rockstar patch (european version, for other versions check rockstar), it does work better, only no hot coffee!

Just replace the data and models files (C:/sanandreas/data and C:/sanandreas/models) with the originals,

Don't forget to back them up in a different folder

Replace the eax.dll file and the stream file replace them in the C:/sanandreas/ folder.

(there in the readme & pics/folder and Extrafiles & savegame)

You don't have to change those 2 but they do work better then the orginals.

I've tested this mod and played to 100% without problems (did have trouble finding the Euros but

used a spawning tool to get it for import/export), that doesn't mean they can't occur.

Also changed the banshee handling, other handlings won't get you passed driving school.

!!! ALWAYS BACKUP, I'm not responsible for wrong installment or any damage or crashing of your system !!!

I've tried to reach everyone who's mods I've used and most of them replied positivly, some haven't replied.

If you see your mod without permission it's not my intension and you can reach me at the E-mail above.

This mod is for non commercial use.

I don't want credit for the work done by others,

Some mods (most buildings) are mine and I made some texture changes to some mods.

All I did was making an easy full conversion for those who love mods and San Andreas.

Particle and vehicle:

I used different particle. vehicle. and time.cyc. and effectsPC.txd mods

to change everything to my liking.

Changed the gangs, some girls also the fat one with the pink dress in the badlands on all the bikes, and the lawenforcers

(Black Police, MIB FBI), and the drugdealers to pimps, myself with excisting files.

Some males and the elvis types, and the Dolphin is a Shark.

weapons replaced with Funebro's weaponmod.

Also changed the "white" nose for CJ and he has a new Cellphone.

Changed the radar and the gangtags and the trafficlights (pedestrian).

Also put my own 100% savegame in there for anyone who didn't do that yet.

in addition I added a savegame with everything completed for 100% except the last 25 missions, the're the most fun !!!


(own mods)

Johnson House

Madd Dogg Mansion

CJ's Interiors

Wang Saloon

Garage opposit Pier 69

Motel in Los Santos

Firehouse SF

SF Garage

Airfield Desert

All savehouse interiors

Farms in badlands and truck depot

LV Harley Shop

and installed

New Sexshop Beate

Mirage Casino

Coke machines

SF Gasstation

LS Shell Station


I changed almost all the carcolors to more original ones,

replaced 2-door for 2-door, 4-door for 4-door so the Firetruck missions work,

Adjusted all Carheights and wheelsizes,(most of the originals not that good!)

In the vehicle.txd there are some changes to make the vehicles look good.

Sounds are still the originals.

"Normalized" most of the Licenseplates.


Admiral - Chrysler 300C

Alpha- Maserati Spyder

Artict3- Kone Trailer

Baggage- Gaz 2402 Volga

Bandito- Tuned Dune Buggy

Banshee- Porsch 911

Benson- Toyota Hi-ace

BF Injection- Mustang Offroad

Blade- Chevrolet Impala

Blista Compact- Pontiac GTO

Bloodring Banger- VW Beetle Herbie Racing

Bobcat - Dodge Ram

Bravura- Nissan Skyline

Broadway- Porsche 911 Cabrio

Buccaneer- Mercedes C65

Buffalo- BMW M6

Bullet- Ford GT40

Burrito - Mercedes ML500

Cabbie- Checkered Cab

Caddy - Fiat Racer

Cadrona- DeTomaso Mangusta

Camper- VW T2

Cement Truck- Kamaz 5511

Cheetah- Murcielago

Clover- Audi Quattro

Club- Plymouth Cuda

Comet- Toyota Supra

DFT30- DFT 6-Wheeler

Dumper- Kamaz 5211

Elegant- Subaru Impreza WRX Sti '06

Elegy- BMW M3 '04

Emperor- Alfa Romeo 75

Enforcer- Chevrolet 3500 SWAT

Esperanto- Opel Astra

Euros- Shelby E500

FBI Rancher- Hummer H1

Feltzer- Ferrari 575 Convertible

Flash- Chevrolet Camaro '83 (with skins)

Flatbed- Kamaz 5230

Fortune- Chevrolet Camaro '69

Glendale- Masserati Quadroporte

Glendale shit- Jaguar XJ-8

Greenwood - Ford Crown Ltd

Hermes- Ford Torino '70

Hotknife- Hotrod Ford open engine

Hotring- Dodge Charger General Lee

Hotring a+b- Chevrolet Corvette '68

Hustler- Hotrod Ford Big Fenders

Huntley- Volvo XC90

Infernus- Lamborgini Gallardo

Intruder- Mitshubishi Evo6

Jester- Dodge GTO Coronet

Landstalker- Hummer H2

Linerunner- DAF Truck

Majestic- Dodge Charger

Manana- VW Beetle

Merit- Chevrolet Caprice

Mesa- Toyota 4x4

Monster(all)- Chevrolet Silverado Monster

Moonbeam- Audi S2

Mule- UPS Van

Nebula- Fiat 125

Newsvan- CNN Newsvan

Oceanic- Mercedes E500

Patriot- Hummer H1

Perrenial- Jeep Cherrokee

Petro- Scania Truck

Petror- BP Tanker

Phoenix- Aston Martin Vanquish

Picador- Chevrolet El Camino

Policecar LS- Ford Ltd

Policecar Sf- Chevrolet Caprice

Policecar LV- Chevrolet Caprice

PoliceRancher- PoliceHummer

Pony- Porsche Cayenne

Premier- Ford Falcon

Previon- Mercury Cyclone

Primo- Audi S4

Rancher- Hummer H1

Regina - Renault 4

Remington- Cadillac Eldorado ´78

Rhino- CAMO

RoadTrain- Ford CLT9000

Romero- Range Rover

Rumpo- Isuzu 25151 Pickup

Sabre- Masserati Ghibli

Sadler- Chevrolet Blazer

Sadler shit- K.I.T.T.

Sandking- VW Beetle Herbie Racing

Savanna - Mercedes S600 '98

Sentinel- Daimler XJ-6

Slamvan- Land Rover Freelander

Solair- Saab 9000

Stafford- Rolce Royce

Stallion- Dodge Challenger

Stratum- BMW X5

Streaktrain- New Textures

Stretch- Mercedes CL65

Sultan- BMW M5

Sunrise- Citroen 2CV

SuperGT- Ferrari Enzo

Sweeper- Williams F1

Tahoma - Mercedes S600

Tampa- Mitsubishi Colt

Taxi- Checkered Cab

Top Fun- Black Newsvan

Tornado- Chevrolet Eldorado '59

Towtruck- Chevrolet Towtruck (white)

Trashmaster- Mack R600

Tug- Fiat Racer White

Turismo- Saleen S7

Uranus- Mini Cooper

Vincent- Dodge Diplomat

Virgo- Lincoln Continental MarkIV

VooDoo- Mustang Fastback

Walton- Chevrolet Silverado

Washington- Chrysler 300M

Willard- Mercedes CLS500

Windsor- Diablo

Yankee- Kamaz 5311

Yosemite- Ford F150

ZR350- Mazda RX-7 '82


BMX- BMX Retextured

Bike- Longbike

Mountainbike- Kona

BF400- Kawasaki Streetracer

Faggio- Vespa

FCR900- Ducati 996

Freeway- Rollies Chopper

NRG500- Yamaha M1

PCJ600- Yamaha R1

Copbike- Harley davidson

Pizzaboy- Aprilia Scooter

Quad- Yamaha Y660R

Wayfarer- Harley Chopper

Sanchez- Honda CFR450


AT400- Boeing 707 American Airlines

Hunter- Desert Camo

Hydra- Grey Camo

Nevada- Dakota Lufthansa

News Chopper- CNN Chopper

Parachute- Camo

Rustler- Mustang P-51

Stunt Plane- Corsair Navy Fighter


Squalo- Dope Speedboat

Vortex- Halo2 Boat
This file was archived on Nexus Mods in an effort to save the files that were lost when Game Front shut down in April 2016. As of March 2018, Game Front has now returned with the original staff, including most of the files it originally hosted. With the blessing of the Game Front staff and to ensure a viable backup of these files remains, we'll continue to host these files on Nexus Mods with a link back to the original file on Game Front.