Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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This mod replaces CJ's voice in GTASA with Niko Bellic's from GTAIV

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Mod will mostly be showcased at 6:02

Discord Server

Download & install modloader
place audio folder from the archive into GTASA/modloader folder

or Download Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd
Set GTASA & working directory
export SPC_PA and Pain_A into working directory
extract the SPC_PA and Pain_A from audio folder in the archive into working directory
then open both archives via SAAT and save.
for addition you can also download disable food stats mod to avoid becoming cj again and Mix Sets to disable notifications of food
Set NoStatsUpdateBox = 1 in mix_sets.ini

Here's Complete Niko Bellic's Skin For GTASA

I've decided to start to update this mod again since this mod has so many problems, considering this is also
my first voice mod for GTASA which turned out to be also the hardest voice mod to make since CJ has 4114 voice lines 
and Niko only 500
so i'll be updating it but i thought it'll be easier for me to update it here original mod will still stay in GTAInside but outdated for 
longer so be sure to endorse and track it here to get notifications for latest updates i release for this mod my goal is to get this mod functioning perfect.

Mod is still in beta stage but almost done with skinny voices i mean you shouldn't be able to hear incomplete voice lines at least but some may still sound a bit off, fat&muscle voices are still incomplete that means some are really quiet, some not replaced and some getting cut when ending that's why i recommend using disable food stats.

edits done
1. i found out that i had replaced some voice lines with 2 channel empty files, i changed these back to 1channel 24k sample rate files so any crashing related to those files should now be eliminated. 
2. increased volume of voices to sound better in-game.