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Dispatch Reworked is a complete overhaul of GTA V's dispatch system, delivering a unique experience. The mod is simple to install and configure to your liking and offers a perfect balance of realism, difficulty, and fun. Built to combine the best parts of mods like RDE, PEV, and VED together

Permissions and credits
- A completely fresh dispatch system, written literally from scratch, that is designed to be challenging but also a lot of fun.
- Below 3 Stars: Only a few changes to these wanted levels. This allows for partial compatibility with other dispatch mods.
- 3 Stars and Beyond: Every wanted level has 2 phrases. At the beginning, special K9 are sent to support local police. Then, local SWAT and snipers are dispatched to handle the increasing threat. Once the situation gets more critical, federal agencies, merryweather, and NOOSE are deployed. Ultimately, the National Guard is called in and are assisted by heavy armor, attack helicopters, and even JETS.
- Fine-tuned loadouts based on wanted level and unit.
- In the night, units will use flashlights on their guns and are more likely to use a suppressor.
- Law enforcement is more likely to utilize shotguns and other CQB weapons when a suspect is in an interior.
- Based on the weapon class, units will have differing armor, health, and behavior.
- Realistic armor and health. If you have armor-piercing rounds, you can easily kill many of the units, even the juggernaut units.
- Improved chase, combat, and search AI compared to the base game and can be further improved. But, you can further enhance AI through the use of other mods like PEV.
- All units are all able to arrest the player at all wanted levels if the player is being non-hostile.
- Special AI for K9s, snipers, helicopters, juggernauts, and jets which make them a lot smarter and harder to deal with.
- The last known position or LKP is used for searching and spawning to emulate real life.
- Custom spawn & despawn logic for optimal searches and chases.
- Ocean, mountain, and air response has been fine-tuned drastically so the player cannot escape without resistance.
- The spawning system, police AI, and many other optimizations have also been made depending on if the player is in an armored vehicle or is using explosive weapondary.
- Gang or group wanted severity is incorporated. Basically, crimes committed by members of your group influence your wanted level. This is a script-only feature that cannot be added through the game files.
- Killing firefighters, EMS, and security guards influences wanted levels similar to that of police officers.
- Depending on the scenario, vehicles have upgrades such as armor, brakes, engine, and transmission.
- Robust Jurisdiction system has been added to emulate Los Santos’s different agencies.
- Uses only a simple .Ini file that allows you to customize the many features of the mod, including custom ped and vehicle models, weapons, difficulty, and so much more.

There are countless other adjustments and changes which help to make the mod more enjoyable and realistic.

- Compatible with the vehicle and ped mods
- RDE, PEV, DOV, VE:DGA, Dispatchworks, and BetterChases+ will work
- Any mod that changes ped money is incompatible with this mod.
- Missions may not work as well, but the mod should work regardless.

Mod Requirements:

1. Go to your GTA V main directory.
2. If you have not already created a scripts folder, create one.
3. While having your scripts folder open, drag the DispatchReworked.dll and DispatchReworked.ini files (in Required Files\scripts) into the scripts folder in your GTA V main directory.
4. Then, proceed to replace your current gameconfig with the latest version gameconfig. Gameconfigs are located using OpenIV directory: update/update.rpf/data
5. Install HeapAdjuster and PackFileAdjuster to boost performance as this mod can be CPU, GPU, and memory intensive. (Can be found online)
6. Customize the .ini to your liking and then launch the game.
7. ENJOY and HAVE FUN as you have now installed one of the best dispatch mods

DISCLAIMER: You MUST use the gameconfig. Without it, the game will crash and be unstable.

Since this is a relatively new mod there may be some bugs, glitches, or crashes.
If any issues arise of that sort, please report them in the discord server.

- Dilapidated for helping me with complicated scripting issues
- MrJayden585 for helping me a lot with AI, figuring out what certain natives do, and suggesting values for some of the settings in my mod
- Janitor_Guard for giving me the idea of Police Snipers which would lead to my idea of the mod.
- Vincent for pointing me in the right direction for many features and coding questions
- My Diligent Beta Testers for helping me test and fix many bugs and glitches with my mod whenever I needed it.
- And the many other members of the GTA V community that helped me get the mod to where it is today.

Official Discord for Dispatch Reworked: