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ComicToon Reshade will give your game a comic/cartoon-style look.
If you like comics, cartoons or animes, or if you just want to play the game in a different look, then this is for you.

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ComicToon Reshade
Comic Theft Auto V

This is a preset file created for ReShade.
The idea is to give your game a comic/cartoon-style look.

ComicToon Reshade


ComicToon Reshade will give your game a comic/cartoon-style look.
It's just a visual filter, so there are no changes to the game files whatsoever.
If you like comics, cartoons or animes, or if you just want to play the game in a different look, then this is for you.
This is a light reshade, so there should not be any significant fps drops to the game.

Note: If you find the outlines are preventing you to see the user interface or
menus clearly, then you can simply disable it by unchecking the
"Outlines.fx" box in the Reshade in-game settings.

Image - ComicToon Reshade Outlines check:

Required Program (ReShade)

Official ReShade website:
This mod was made using Reshade version 4.9.1

Install Instructions

If you already know how to use ReShade, then simply select the
"ComicToonReshade.ini" as a preset and copy the "Outlines.fx" and
"Comic.fx" effects on your ReShade "Shaders" folder.

Below, there are more detailed instructions on how to install ReShade and apply the "ComicToon Reshade" mod

(1) - Download ReShade:

(2) - Download the official Shaders and Textures repository:

Image - GitHub ReShade repository:

This "" file has two folders "Shaders" and "Textures" and two .md files

(3) - Create a new folder where you want the ReShade program and presets to
be. You could name this folder to "RESHADE", to make things simpler.

(4) - Inside the "RESHADE" folder, create two new folders: "Presets" and "Screenshots"

(5) - Extract all "" content (step 2) into the new "RESHADE" folder you created on step 3.

(6) - Download the "ComicToon Reshade" mod

It's a .zip file containing two folders:

"Preset" folder with the "ComicToonReshade.ini" preset file and
"Shaders" folder with the "Outlines.fx" and "Comic.fx" effects

(7) - Extract all "ComicToon" content (step 6) in the "RESHADE" folder

By know, your "RESHADE" folder should look like this:

Image - Reshade folder:



(8) - Launch ReShade. A small window will appear. Click on "Click to select a game and manage its ReShade installation"

Image - ReShade setup 1:

(9) - Select a game, in this case, select the "GTA5.exe" file that's within
the folder where you installed the game, usually the GOG Galaxy Games
folder, or the Steam folder.
Image - ReShade setup 2 (Select a game):

(10) - Choose the rendering API. For Grand Theft Auto "GTA" V, it's the
"Direct3D 10/11/12", as shown in the official ReShade games compatibility list:

Image - ReShade setup 3 (Choose the rendering API):

(11) - Skip the effect packages window. No need to download or install any
other preset now, unless you already know one and want to download it.

Image - ReShade setup 4 (Skip the effect packages window):

(12) - Click on "Edit ReShade settings"

Image - ReShade setup 5 (Edit ReShade settings):

(13) - Browse the paths to the respective folders. Select
"ComicToonReshade.ini" as your preset so it will be automatically
activated when you launch the game.

Click OK and you can close the ReShade window. If you want to change any setting, just launch the
"ReShade_Setup_4.1.9.exe" file again.

Image - ReShade setup 6 (Browse the paths to the respective folders):

(14) - That's it. Launch the game and have fun! :)


This is just a reshade preset to add a visual filter to your game and make
it look different. The game files won't be changed in any way, but I do
not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong for you.

In the future, I probably won't update this mod, but you are free to edit and tweak it the way you want.

Credits and Thanks

For Reshade: Crosire
For Vibrance: Christian Cann Schuldt Jensen ~
For Colourfulness and AdaptiveSharpen: bacondither
For FineSharp: Did�e, Initial HLSL
port by -Vit-, Modified
and optimized for ReShade by JPulowski
For Comic shader: Alexander Federwisch
For Outline: kingeric1992 and JPulowski

MOD BY highmacleod

Good Game! :)