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A.VISION by NAVZAHED, GTA IV ENB based on ICENHANCER 3.0. for a mix of eye candy and realism

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Icenhancer 3.0 A.VISION by NAVZAHED

*** This mod ONLY works on GTA IV patch ***
 This mod is my vision for GTA IV, it's something betweenrealism and eye candy.I will keep working on this mod and I will make improvementsto it over time, so if you're interested in this mod, please revisit this page
sometimes for updates.Thanks to DayL for sharing his knowledge andhelping.special thanks to icelaglace for his amazing icenhancer 3.0and his help with this mod.



-increased image contrast 
-better lighting for all weathers and hours
-improved cloudy weather
-removed image noise
-tweaked vegetation color
 -improved cloud coverage for drizzle and cloudy weather
-changed fog color at night -more visible clouds at night for all weathers


-tweaked sunny and sunny windy weathers
-tweaked streetlights color at night
-decreased image overall contrast

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you can contact me over on
Discord: NAVZAHED-6245