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HD Vanilla Weapons Mod: A simple HD Texture pack for Upscaled Vanilla Weapons.

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If you're a fan of GTA IV and want the authentic original experience with enhanced visuals, then this mod is perfect for you.

It brings a series of visual upgrades to the weapons in IV, TLAD, & TBoGT, providing more definition and detail compared to the original versions.

1. Higher Resolution Textures - (AI-Upscaled) 
2. More detailed Normal maps - more accurate shading 
3. slight color rebalancing - cleaned up some unsightly scrapes/bumps EX: Combat shotgun & AK47
4. some weapons are replaced with more accurate models - Deagle, Glock, DSR1

Overall this is a very subtle mod, perfect for anyone looking to Bump up the quality of Vanilla while staying true to the Original Style. 


**Fusion Fix is required** 

1. Unzip the File
2. Drag and Drop the file into the update folder - GTAIV/Update