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Drift every vehicle from GTA IV and Episodes of Liberty City

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Welcome to DriftIV!

*Note* - Mod is intended for controllers, if using keyboard beware it might be harder to control. 

*Recomended* - Use AWD-Default, It's by far the smoothest handling.

Drift every vehicle from GTA IV and Episodes of Liberty City, including cars, bikes, industrial and utility!

Physics with the Classic IV feel. Not too stiff like GTA V Bodyroll but stiffer then IV.
Sport vehicles are stiffer while generic ones will feel more floaty. This is intended. As non sport vehicles have softer suspension.
I've done this so every car feels different and unique in some way!

Watch the Youtube Video to learn how to install and which version to choose!

Go To Videos Tab to Watch Video!

I have been editing GTA handlings since GTA SA. I know what i'm doing.
I kept the Original GTA 4 Feel however I changed: Bodyroll, spring rate, power, traction curve, steering angle, correct center of mass and few other tweaks to make it all work nicely. I don't like 99% of Drift handlings people make. They are slow, heavy, low traction.
I have aways made my own!

If you use this mod I would really apriciate it if you Link this Mod and the Install Video in your description!

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Thank You in Advance!