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This mod will replace your game's text files so that every street name and district name will be renamed to be based off of a real area in New York City

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If you're like me you probably use games like GTA to have instant mini-vacations to locations of iconic Americana. If, like me, at a certain point you find the joke names to be a little boring and unimmersive, then this mod is for you. Liberty City is now New York City. Burlesque is now Broadway. Columbus Avenue is now 8th Avenue. Hove Beach is now Brighton Beach. No stone has been left unturned, all boroughs have been replaced. This took hours upon hours of personal research into the real world locations that much of Liberty City was based off of.

Now, there are a few minor discrepancies that simply can't be fixed. For instance, the area based on Hoboken was placed on the western side of Jersey, but I still named it Hoboken. Some areas that are in reality, dozens of miles apart, are next door neighbors in game. So don't expect everything to be 100% accurate, since given GTA IV's map anyways, it's just not possible. However, I did the best I could. Algonquin (Manhattan) is the most accurate and true to it's original naming system simply because of how simple and efficient Manhattan's infrastructure has always been. However, some of the muddled and squished areas like Broker and Alderney aren't going to be able to have everyone's favorite neighborhood here or there.

To install, simply drag into your GTA IV folder and merge with the existing common. Overwrite any files.