Grand Theft Auto IV

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GTA4 Excellent ENB Graphics mod

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08.01.23  Available Grayish settings GTAIV Excellent ENB Graphics v.5 Grayish settings 

Updated: RGL version is optimized for easy installation now and fixed SweetFX bug, no more blurring and bad subtitles. Sometimes still need to restart Rockstar Games Launcher for update and then you need to change files again.

Updated to final version and fixed bug with shader ! 

17.01.22  For the end big changes of the sky settings, updated sunny windy weather and slightly reduced the brightness,
 tweaked the color correction a bit, increased sunshine. Added Sweetfx and forcehighqualitymirrors to commandline.

Ok, this is the latest touch of ENB for GTAIV and i made the best that i could, maybe I should have done it earlier, but I didn't have time.It was not an easy task and it came to an end !

Improved Shader
More soft bloom
More colorful image
Balanced adaptation effect
Brighter sky and whiter clouds
Better color correction
Increased water reflection
Tweaked other reflections
Changed part of the environment settings 
Changed SSAO for last patches
Nights not too dark
Including all fixes and tweaks that i made before

Screens patch original map textures exept trees without Reshade ot Sweetfx

Config without Reshade so you can add it

Compatibility: - -
Made for Medium and Low pc wihtout additional fps drop
The best performance patches

to install you should choose patch then drag all files into GTAIV folder where the game installed
If your monitor too bright so better reduce it a bit while playing
in trainers don't freeze the time or don't use real time duration cause it breaks the adaptation process 

Before installation, if you have in your GTA4 directory the ShaderOverDax1 folder, you should delete it !
After installation, if you want to change the settings again so before you should delete the ShaderOverDax1 folder too ! 

Nvidia video card owners, open enbseries.ini

ForceNVidiaCard=false  -  set here true

AP84 (Timcyc and all settings and changes of ENB)
ENBseries by Boris Vorontsov 
Dax1 (Shaderfix for last patches)
IceLaGlace (Lens Distortion)
DKT70 (Roads)
Marty McFly (Letterbox)
Additionally used Sweetfx by

Enjoy and Happy New Year!