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This mod aims to recreate realistic (and extremely dificult) bomb scenarios with a few gaming nuances and civilians added to the mix into Ground Branch.

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Tested on: Ground Branch v1032 

Please note that it's practically impossible to complete this mission without a proper team (4 or more players) unless you dumb down all settings of the mission.

The premise of the gameplay is to defuse a bomb in the game area.
You have a command center which includes 1 defuse kit and several other tactical positions around the target area.
You will not know the sequence for defusing the bomb, and so must aquire intel from fallen enemies.

  • You can play by yourself against bots (close to impossible unless you dumb down the mission parameters)
  • You can play as a player team but be warned it will require a lot of coordination.
  • The game will only end when finish successfully when bomb is disarmed and all OpFor are eliminated.


  • Ground Branch is still on Early Access and often getting updated so this mod may no longer work.
  • Check on the top for what Ground Branch version this mod has been tested, any other version is not supported or guarenteed.
  • The author of the mod often get startled pretty badly when I get unknowingly shot by a bot OR player, so if a surprise loud headshot is not your thing maybe try a different mod :)
  • This mod can break at any time or potentially break your game (unlikely) which would require a reinstall.
  • The author of the mod take no responsibility if your game breaks due to installing this mod (correctly or incorrectly).
  • The author of the mod can't confirm this mod will be compatible with your current Ground Branch version.
  • It's not Ground Branch devs responsibility to ensure this mod works so don't annoy them on discord if something is broken with the mod.
  • If you find a bug please post it udner the BUGS tab but please know there is no guarentee it will (or can) be fixed.