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A mod that adds keyboard shortcuts for moving the camera freely, zooming in and out at will, as well as removing the paper post processing effect for cleaner screenshots and adding a way to take larger screenshots than your screen allows. Additionally, infinite double jumps, faster movement and all abilities unlocked from the start.

Permissions and credits
I reverse engineered Gris to add several features I needed to take large screenshots of its beautiful environments. Please note, this is not meant to be used for normal gameplay. It won't be enjoyable to play normally with this installed.


  • Use arrow keys to move the camera around at will. Movement is optimised for 4K resolution (3840x2160), you can change how much the camera moves vertically with the keys K and L and horizontally with I and O.
  • Use keypad to zoom in and out at will. You can zoom continuously while holding with F and G, and incrementally for more accuracy with V and B.
  • Use R to center on the main character. One side effect of adding a free camera is that the camera doesn't follow the character anymore. Just press R to center on it.
  • Use G to take super sampled screenshots. This uses Unity's CaptureScreenshot function, and takes a lossless (PNG) screenshot at 8x the resolution of your screen. The screenshot is saved in GRIS/Gris_Data/test2.png. Pressing G may freeze the game for a while, given how massive the file is (at 4K, we're looking at 30720x17280 pixels). It will also take a long time to appear in the Gris_Data folder, you can continue playing while it processes.
  • The paper background is disabled. This is to allow cleaner screenshots. The background doesn't scale with the resolution, so it looks very blurry at high res.
  • Infinite double jumps. Just infinite double jumps, you can jump as much as you like.
  • No horizontal collision. You'll go right through walls.
  • All abilities unlocked from the start. You can use all your abilities everywhere, provided you load the chapters through the chapter screen.

How it works

I used dnSpy to reverse engineer Gris' Unity-based code and rewrite parts of it to allow for the features I wanted. A lot more is possible to do, but I would say Gris is perfect as it is and doesn't need much modding for anything other than fun.

How to install

Back up the original Assembly-CSharp.dll file in Gris/Gris_Data/Managed, then overwrite it with the one you downloaded from here. That's it.