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download the mod at http://www.nexusmods.com/grimrock/mods/397/?

Your team of four adventurers have been shipwrecked on an island but luckily are able to swim to the safety of a calm and deserted beach.
The tranquility found in the first few minutes, soon gives way to the discovery of a lever on a nearby wall, as you pull the lever you hear
 a door opening nearby. This door leads to a dark dungeon way below the beach and soon a letter you find, that talks of three beautiful gems!
 These gems are undoubtedly priceless and are found on your journey through the dungeon. Make it back to the beach with the three gems and you have completed the game!
TIP:  for the first hour of the game only, a rock found on the ground inside the dungeon means that there is a secret button nearby.
(After the first hour of the game, secret buttons are no longer marked by a rock.) TIP: a torch holder on the wall will very often provide light to aid your exploration.
 If you find a torch holder without a torch, try placing a torch into the bracket! It may open a nearby secret door.
TIP: look out for a "mortar and pestle" that one of your team could use to make up health potions with. The simple bowl can be found on triggering a secret room early in the game,
but there is a secret button inside the secret room that reveals one further secret room in which the precious bowl is found. Once you have it there are many opportunites to use the bowl on your adventures.LeveL 1 [Crusadors] 1st dungeon level from Surface (Launch beach)
LeveL 2  [Surface] Launch Beach, game starts here
LeveL 3 [Deep Dungeons] second stage dungeons, lovely puzzles
LeveL 4 [The Nexus Vaults] third stage dungeons and real fighting starts now
LeveL 5 [Castle Grounds] easy outside areas, looks gorgeous
LeveL 6 [Blue Stones I] Healing Crystals and Your Home Base, dump your excess stuff here
LeveL 7 [Old Railings Level] Tricky getting those 2 levers pulled (Tomb Level here too)
LeveL 8 [Survival Beach] looks pretty similar to Surface Beach but more fighting
LeveL 9 [River of Archers] underwater levers need finding here, quite difficult
LeveL 10 [The Old Mine] Loot and hidden areas galore
LeveL 11 [Planteganet Army] Toorum's remains and quite a lot of his blessed artefacts, grab 'em!
LeveL 12  [Lagoons] underwater secret buttons and loot, patience is a virtue, take it slow
LeveL 13 [Prison Fortress] Blue Stones II is here somewhere, can you find it?
LeveL 14  [Old Dungeons]   in developement
LeveL 15 [Swamp Lands] curiously difficult to move around because of the trees
LeveL 16 [Castlevania] also known as Lindworm Warehouse