Legend of Grimrock

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Download the mod here http://www.nexusmods.com/grimrock/mods/397/?

LeveL 1 [Crusadors] 1st dungeon level from Surface (Launch beach)
LeveL 2  [Surface] Launch Beach, game starts here
LeveL 3 [Deep Dungeons] second stage dungeons, lovely puzzles
LeveL 4 [The Nexus Vaults] third stage dungeons and real fighting starts now
LeveL 5 [Castle Grounds] easy outside areas, looks gorgeous
LeveL 6 [Blue Stones I] Healing Crystals and Your Home Base, dump your excess stuff here
LeveL 7 [Old Railings Level] Tricky getting those 2 levers pulled (Tomb Level here too)
LeveL 8 [Survival Beach] looks pretty similar to Surface Beach but more fighting
LeveL 9 [River of Archers] underwater levers need finding here, quite difficult
LeveL 10 [The Old Mine] Loot and hidden areas galore
LeveL 11 [Planteganet Army] Toorum's remains and quite a lot of his blessed artefacts, grab 'em!
LeveL 12  [Lagoons] underwater secret buttons and loot, patience is a virtue, take it slow
LeveL 13 [Prison Fortress] Blue Stones II is here somewhere, can you find it?
LeveL 14  [Old Dungeons]   in developement
LeveL 15 [Swamp Lands] curiously difficult to move around because of the trees
LeveL 16 [Castlevania] also known as Lindworm Warehouse