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Have you ever wanted to see what we’re up to as a community while scrolling through your Instagram feed? Hungry for some modding-themed TikToks on your fyp? We’ve got you covered! We’re excited to introduce you all to our new Content Manager, Sarah, a.k.a SlugGirl.

So Sarah, what’s your story? How did you end up here at Nexus?

Hey! Well, workwise, my background is mainly in social media management, but I’ve also worked as part of a digital marketing agency, specialising in TikTok. I knew people who worked here already, so I had heard firsthand how great it is to work at Nexus Mods. Plus, I’ve got a passion for gaming and modding, so it seemed like a brilliant opportunity to use and expand on the skills I already have, doing something I love.

Outside of work, though, I’ve always been really into gaming. I love art and literature too; I actually did my degree in English Literature, although it took me years to read books for pleasure again after that. Greek mythology retellings have really helped spark that love again, especially Madeline Miller’s novels. I’m a big DnD fan and have been meaning to get back into it since moving from Essex to Exeter last year. In my last campaign, I played a Tiefling Rogue. I always end up playing a Rogue or Thief of some kind in RPG games too. I’m a loot goblin; I just can’t help myself — no chest is safe!

And what are your plans for your future here? Any cool stuff in the pipeline for us to look forward to?

Yeah, we’ve got some big plans. As Content Manager, I’m looking to expand our content team with a Content Creator and Videographer, so check out those roles. We’re also really keen on helping the community get to know us as a company and all of the people who work here on a more personal level, so keep an eye out for something new with that in mind coming up.

We want to continue to try to be as transparent as possible about the things we’re working on and what we’re doing. A lot of stuff happens behind the scenes here, which we just don’t communicate until it’s done. So we’d like to bring you along for the journey. There are also so many opportunities for us to rave and shout about the cool mods everyone’s been making on our socials, which we have done a little of before but we’d like to do more of. We’d love to start streaming, doing roundtables, Ask Me Anythings, etc. We want to help everyone feel like they’re a part of our Nexus Mods community, and by extension, part of Nexus Mods itself, and making more content like this is a great way to do that.

What about your gaming story? What got you into gaming and what are some of your favourite games?

My gaming journey started when my Mum gave me her old Sega Game Gear, I played Sonic the Hedgehog on that for hours at a time. Growing up in the 90s, Pokémon was massive and I loved all the Pokémon games. I had the Pikachu Nintendo 64 and played so much Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap on that. I mostly played on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles when I was younger, but over the past few years, I’ve converted to PC gaming.

To this day, Kingdom Hearts 2 is my favourite game, and it really sparked my love for RPGs. "Dearly Beloved" still hits me right in the feels whenever I hear it. I’ve also played MMOs like Tera, and a LOT of Final Fantasy XIV. I actually finally managed to beat the housing savage last year after years, literal years, of trying to get a plot. Really, I just love aesthetically pleasing games and anything with a good character creator. I spend HOURS making characters!

I have to ask off the back of that, what’s your favourite Pokemon?

It has to be Arcanine, for sure! I’d love to give a cool reason for it, but really it’s just that tigers have always been my favourite animal, and as a kid, my logic was that it was the closest one to them haha!

Do you Mod at all? Any favourite mods as well?

My modding journey originally started with The Sims 2 on my grandparents' old computer when I was in secondary school. I ran that poor thing into the ground with all the custom content I downloaded. It was also how I first created mods as well, adding tattoos to skins for my Sims. Since then I’ve modded a little more, mainly just recolouring stuff for personal use, although this did lead me to posting some wand recolours for Hogwarts Legacy to the site as I enjoyed making them. Other than that, I still make custom tattoos, but now for my Cyberpunk 2077 characters. Maybe I’ll sit down and make some to share at some point.

I love mods that expand on character creation and customisation, such as face, hair, clothing, etc. Some personal favourites would have to be the Wingdeer Hair Collection for Cyberpunk and any of AnruiMurasaki’s and Arkhe0’s Cyberware mods. There are way too many clothing ones to mention for Cyberpunk too. I love Toarie’s New Character Creation Presets WIP and Tav’s Hair Salon for Baldur’s Gate 3, but again, the list of amazing character customisation mods for BG3 is endless. Jkrojmal’s enhanced overhauls of the cities, towns, and buildings in Skyrim are incredible too. Honestly, I could go on for days listing more.

Any new or upcoming games you’re excited about?

Nightingale looks so cool, so I’m hoping to play some of that. I’m excited for Fields of Mistria it’s got such a cute art style, I also can’t wait for the next Coral Island update, I’ve loved farming sims ever since playing Harvest Moon as a kid. Speaking of which, I’ve been putting off getting started with Stardew Valley because I know I will love it and lose my life to it. Maybe I’ll dip my toes in, especially with the new early alpha app release coming up — that would be a good excuse to finally give in and give it a go. I’ve already been eyeing up some mods that I’d like to try, like Rustic Country Town Interiors and Date Night.

Any parting thoughts or messages for the community?

I hope that you’re all as excited as I am, and we all are here at Nexus Mods, for more content to be coming out. We love feedback, and anything you’d like to see more of, we’d love to hear about it — we want our content to be community-driven and we don’t want to put stuff out that you’re not going to be interested in.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. At some point, we will be expanding to TikTok as well, so watch this space!


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  1. AzureFailure
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    Nexus Tiktok? Now that would be a rizzed up skibidi grindset right there - get the new generation into the wonderful world of modding games (but not playing them of course, we all know how it is)
    1. Happybara
      • Community Manager
      • 73 kudos
      No cap fr fr
    2. xWandaku
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      • 12 kudos
      i lost braincells reading this
      • premium
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      yo ban this dude lol
    4. lightgamez31
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      • 54 kudos
      rizzidi gyat ohioooooo
    5. BellCube
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      • 47 kudos
      on god
    6. hpos44
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      • 1 kudos
    7. THANATOS4488
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      • 12 kudos
      Where's that blinking GIF when I need it?
    8. synikal97
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      • 0 kudos
      Even the mods speak like this....
    9. Debatemaster1
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      • 3 kudos
  2. Debatemaster1
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    Yeah, but can she measure up to my Ukulele skills? That's a true measure of success.
  3. fallout4guy45
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    • 2 kudos
    I didn't make your breakout.  I'll be 79 in September.  I play online with my two 55-60ish sons and my 25ish grandsons.  My usual is fallout 4 or skyrim but I have played all the borderlands games, Doom, Path of exile, and we are currently playing Clancy's Ghost recon wildlands with my sons and grandsons.  My fallout 4 and skyrim are heavily modded so I am very thankful for the Nexus mods I have been able to use.  
    1. RainLeonheart
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      You are awesome.
    2. docvyper
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      Correction: You are a legend.
  4. pharo3331
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    Welcome Sarah ...
    I am not a social media person and I'm not interested in seeing what people do or don't do on their holidays, birthdays or whatever. Too much personal info out there for the wrong type of people to use for their own gains ....
    BUT I am an avid gamer having played on pretty much every platform since time began, I'm currently playing FO4 with occasional forays into Skyrim, Morrowind and Sniper Elite 5 on PC and I have to tell you that I don't belong in any of your age groups and I have family members and friends who also don't belong ... as all of us are shall we say of an even older group, gaming is not just for the younger generations ... however I wish you well in your endeavors ...
  5. Anduric312
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  6. the1robert
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    • 6 kudos
  7. manoflust
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    I'm a simple man: I see TikTok and Instagram, I leave.
  8. SCARaw
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    • 185 kudos
    hellow and welcome to nexus team, its nice to meet you
  9. SnailOXD
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    • 1 kudos
    Congrats on your appointment; looking forward to how Nexus' social presence shapes up with you at the helm
  10. tonycubed2
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    Tiktok... looking at steam stats:

    There are an estimated 120 million active users on Steam. The largest age group on Steam is 20-29, representing 37% of the userbase. The second-largest age group is 30-29, representing 32% of the userbase. 40-49 is the third-largest group, making up 15% of users. 18-19 is the fourth largest group, making up 8% of users. 50-59 is the fifth largest group, making up 7% of users. The remaining 1% of users are 60-64.

    You should be able to hit about 60% of gamers who are heavily invested into social media.  I am in the 7% older folk group and have zero interest in tik tok.  Or ANY of the social media apps.  And I am a full time IT person deep into operating systems and networks.   But if it helps Nexus I wish you luck in this endeavor.

    You also seem a very interesting person and a good soul.
    1. SlugGirl
      • Content Manager
      • 32 kudos
      This might be my favourite comment so far, thank you ♡ 
      This is exactly our aim as well, we don’t want to polarise our existing community, but we want to take steps to encourage younger generations of gamers to mod, so we need to meet them where they are to do so!
    2. Dark0ne
      • Site Owner
      • 2,940 kudos
      To clarify, I'm 38 and have no interest in FB and Instagram, let alone TikTok (and SlugGirl knows this!). But you have correctly assessed, unlike some of the users in the comments, that it isn't always about you and me all the time. Other people can read other mediums we have no interest in, and we can reach those people on those mediums, and that's OK.

      The "socials" aspect of SlugGirl's role is a small part of what we want to be doing better here, which is communicate and engage with our users more. We'll continue to try and reach as many people, old and young, far and wide, in as many formats as possible. Money allowing!
    3. BartenderTM
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      • 1 kudos
      @Dark0ne That's the proper attitude to take, I love it. So many people in the comments (comments everywhere, not just here) think that the world revolves around them and that if they don't like something, nobody else should like it either. It's annoying, but at least it's easy to tell whose opinion doesn't matter. Keep up the good work, I love everything that you guys do and provide!
    4. Eolhin
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      • 149 kudos
      Yeah, I am in my 50's and the only social media mentioned there that I have is YouTube.  Cat memes aside, social media can be very toxic now days, and I don't need that in my life.  I assume this is about drawing in more/new people, but none of this appeals to me at all.  Have fun though, as long as there isn't anything important posted only to social media.
    5. Brigand231
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      • 353 kudos
      I'll be joining the 7% myself next month, at least it seems I'll be in good company.  I'm on board with the idea that what's "best" for the community isn't always what I'd choose, as long as it doesn't come at my expense.  I'm not saying it should ever be about me, I'm just somewhat leary of the current trend in media to discount or even cannibalize portions of an audience to enrich the majority.
      Thanks for the reassurance this won't happen here and congrats on your appointment, SlugGirl!
    6. FahQuad
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      Well I'll be. After my last birthday I finally made to the 1%.
    7. Paramonov95
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      • 97 kudos
      Never used tiktok
    8. AaronOfMpls
      • supporter
      • 47 kudos
      Similar story here, though I'm in the 40-49 group instead. 

      I haven't logged into FB in years, about the only thing I look at on Twitter is one guy who shares and commissions artwork I like (and that less and less as a certain billionaire keeps ruining the place) or art that's embedded in one of my Discords, and I never use TikTok unless someone links a specific video in one of my Discords or in chat. 

      Most of my online communication is in Second Life, or the Nexus forums, or YouTube comments on channels I follow, or in a few Discord groups connected to my Second Life groups or to games I play.

      Still, I _know_ I'm an oddball in my internet use, and I appreciate meeting players where they are.

      Welcome to the Nexus, SlugGirl!
    9. Aklokoth
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      • 0 kudos
      I'm 31 in October, not looking forward to the 9 year gaming hiatus these stats are purporting to await me.
    10. Stormbearer
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      • 19 kudos
      so no one younger than 20 and no one older than're high...
    11. DominickHide
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      • 1 kudos
      Steam users and TikTok users do not overlap simply because of age. They have to be the same people, not just the same age group.
      TikTok is for short attention spans and is overwhelmingly used by mobile gamers, since it is an almost purely mobile platform.

      It might work for the mods that require two minutes to make and only have two points of interest in the first place :)
    12. mkh97
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      • 94 kudos
      Dark0ne "To clarify, I'm 38 and have no interest in FB and Instagram, let alone TikTok"
      Me neither. I'm 26.
      SlugGirl "we want to take steps to encourage younger generations of gamers to mod"
      I hope the new people will stop by the comment sections and maybe say Hi to the authors once in a while (or endorse their mods if they like them).

      Also, I feel that things like Collections, Discord and Patreon has made Nexus feel more empty. Some authors won't respond to you (not even to a Yes/No question) if you don't join their Discords or Patreons. I know there is not much Nexus can do about this. But it's kinda disappointing. I hope this will change.

      Anyway, welcome.
    13. worm82075
      • premium
      • 72 kudos
      mkh97 I hope the new people will stop by the comment sections and maybe say Hi to the authors once in a while (or endorse their mods if they like

      You know I don't make mods for money or glory but i still find myself yearning for interaction from my users even if it's just a  "hey this part is broken". I guess it's just human nature to want acknowledgement. I understand you even more now Naruto.
    14. Lollia
      • premium
      • 211 kudos
      worm82075 You know I don't make mods for money or glory but i still find myself yearning for interaction from my users even if it's just a  "hey this part is broken". I guess it's just human nature to want acknowledgement.

      This is all too relatable. The wise ones did say that the level of interaction would cut down even more once Collections were up and running, but the sense of emptiness often makes ministering to mod pages a bleak responsibility. I have a few new mods I would like to upload, but my heart just isn't in it these days.
    15. AdamaSanguine
      • member
      • 20 kudos
      When peeps just want to say hello and/or ask a question, I appreciate the interaction. When they comment on the quality etcetera, even without a download, it makes my day! <3