Legend of Grimrock

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Your party is hunting for the legendery treasure of Zarthos inside his tomb.

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This will be a fairly standard dungeon crawl gameplay wise.
It has 4 levels (well 6 to be precise but level 1 and 5 don't count)

Things that I feel worth to mention:
1. Its playable from start to finish (yeah !!!)
2. It has an Intro and three different endings
3. The ending you receive depends on how many secrets you find.
4. There is a counter that tells you how many secrets you have found / are left (hudPrint thingy)
5. It has 2 sets of re-textured Temple wallset, and one set of re-textured Dungeon wallset
6. Using both original monsters and re-textured / tweaked monsters
7. Small amount of custom models, small amount of custom objects
8 . Custom ambient music on level 4 and below, Custom music in the Intro