Hotel Hades 2 Nightmare Edition by msyblade
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Added: 17/10/2012 - 06:01PM
Updated: 06/02/2013 - 07:14PM

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Last updated at 19:14, 6 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 18:01, 17 Oct 2012

Uploaded HH2 source, Revel at the sloppy coding!

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1.08 adds Antique store with legendary and unique (NEW!) items,so you'll have something to do with all of those extra gems. More lighting conversions.

1.11 - Fully working and beatable, intro through ending cinematic.Just hammering out the last few bugs you guys message me.

1.25 Nightmare- Nerfed items considerably, added archery purchase in shops.Removed 15% of random tomes. Beefed up all Bosses (4 now!), guards in shops are much stronger. Fixed 6 more exploits involving exp loops, extra books, gems, and torches.You guys even found ways to exploit the tutorial!

1.5 Nightmare Final- New Ending, Sequel friendly! Added some new voice/dialogue to lower levels. A few more fixes. This is the final Release, This is the version you should have!

You have been captured by a demonic entity that finds it necessary to taunt you the entire time.

-Tutorial accessible from the first room.
- New walkthru with tips for all floors included if you get stuck.
-9 level dungeon, w/storyline,and boss battle.
- Puzzle/secret exp awards
- 3 working shops
- 11 new Items
- 5 new spells
-Daniv's Snow dungeon and high temple wallset,
-neikun batty and crisman custom alcoves,
-Ixnatifuals randomizing (28!) tome library, (Different tomes every playthrough)
-Grimwolds healing spells,
-Merethifs custom gobelins.
-Fhizbans Wizardry Icons
Try it out, might be kinda cheesy but I bet you finish it.

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