Legend of Grimrock
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This is a Black Crypt mode game base on Black crypt game from Amiga.

Permissions and credits
This is a Black Crypt mode game base on Black crypt game from Amiga.

V1.0. please report any bug

Hotel Hades Credits:

    the unavoidable for all pro-tips possible ever : Sir Tawmis

     Designed, written, and created by Kinatas

            Custom assets:
Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest : Uploader: Komag
Back into the Dungeon : Uploader: comscript
The One Room Round Robin 2 : Uploader: georgesdimitrov
Prisoner of Bleakhall : Uploader: LocalFire
Germannys Dungeon Master resource : Uploader: germanny
The Sunset Gate : Uploader: mXanathar
Germannys Dungeon Master and Custom Assets : Uploader: germanny
Mine Tileset Modders Resource : Uploader: Phitt
exterior asset pack 1 : Uploader: odinsballs
Grimrock Bed : Uploader: germanny
Water Fountains : Uploader: Skuggasveinn
Town Tileset : Uploader: Skuggasveinn
Clean Dungeon Wallset : Uploader: Neikun
The Isgardian : Uploader: Neikun
The Urgardian : Uploader: Neikun
Particles And Teleporters : Uploader: lord_yig
Skull Pack & Skull lamp and candles : Uploader: Asteroth6
Catacomb Wall Text Plaques : Uploader: JohnWordsworth
The Spiderblack : Uploader: pandafoxfr
Soul Scavenger : Uploader: Asteroth6

The ability to put a project like this together:
The entire, awesome community on the grimrock.net forum.

                     Special thanks to Playtesters/Creative input:

JohnWordsworth : GMT tool !!

Thanx so much for playing!!

I hope you've got as mush fun I had creating it :)
tell me on Nexus/Steam. I am Kinatas.