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This mod is a full recreation of the Eye of the Beholder II game for the Legend of Grimrock 1.

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You were settling in for an evening by the fire. Then... but you already know the story, right? Well, now you can relive it again!

This mod is a full recreation of the Eye of the Beholder II game. It is intended for the Level 1 party on normal mode. 

It includes full EOB2 storyline, levels and puzzles including events with options - but in the Grimrock engine with its original or modded spells, items, objects and monsters. You can think of it as an EOB2/Grimrock hybrid with as much of the EOB2 gameplay as possible given the limitations of my scripting ability and the available assets for Grimrock 1. I kept the layout of original EOB2 levels mostly unchanged with these exceptions:
- the level player starts in
- some secrets
- a special area related to recipes and spells
- a special area to include an aspect of the original EOB2 game I was unable to incorporate otherwise but I didn't want to leave out completely

Important note - some Grimrock 1 spells are cast differently. Hopefully you'll see why. I also included a couple of new spells.

I made this mod for three groups of people:
1. For those who had played the original EOB2 - to bring back familiar places of the Darkmoon Temple and the feeling of nostalgia, but also the excitement of seeing what is a little different from the original or tracking all the secrets.
2. For those who had never played the original EOB2 to encourage them to do so. It is still worth it even after a couple of decades.
3. For myself. I wanted to see, to what extent I would be able to recreate my favourite dungeon-crawler game and how I would enjoy it, once finished. I hope you will enjoy this mod at least as much as I did making it.

Now you can also fing it on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3142623589