Legend of Grimrock

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This is a custom dungeon with a focus on puzzles, but involving combat; utilizing many custom assets downloaded from Nexus, and my original puzzle ideas. Your goal is to acquire as many Treasure items as you can by disabling traps.

Permissions and credits

This mod has been tested extensively by a few people, but some issues or bugs may still be present. Feedback is welcome here or on the official forums:
forum link: http://www.grimrock.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=18661

To play the mod, you need to unzip and then copy the .dat file into your game's "Dungeons" folder. By default found at C:\Users\Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Dungeons

This mod is also available on steam.

Character creation:

The mod is intended for and was tested with a standard level 1 party. Playing with a higher level starting party may detract from the

that are useful during this dungeon: daggers, swords, maces, axes, thrown weapons, bows, magic and light armor. Note: knowledge of spell formulas is recommended if you use a mage, because spell scrolls are only found on the last level of the dungeon.

A compass can be found early on, if you want to go hardcore ;)

Familiarity with the base game and its game mechanics is strongly recommended. You might find the experience frustrating if you are going in blind.
This dunegon includes fighting. Initial fights might be a bit harder than usual. Feel free to play on easy mode, if you would rather focus on the puzzles.


You are working for the Thieves Guild and receive an incredible contract: to break into the King's treasury and delve into the ancient ruins below it to retreive a magical relic. You will face traps and monsters along the way, but surely they won't stop you!
How many treasures can you grab? Can you outsmart the deathly traps? Will you keep your word or will your keep the mystical treasure?


  • 7 playable levels
  • Numerous original puzzles
  • Various custom assets incorporated, downloaded from Nexus (credits below)
  • 16 possible different endings based on the number of treasures you find and how you escape

This mod uses assets made by other creators. Consent was acquired where possible (some of the creators I could not reach).

  • Cozy Dungeons by ´╗┐Phitt
  • Southern Temple by Merethif
  • Alcoves And Gems Collection by LordYig
  • Secret Doors Extras by Skuggasveinn
  • Custom tapestries by Merethif
  • Custom Torch Holders and Wall Lanterns Combo-Pack by Neikun
  • Clean Dungeon Wallset by Neikun
  • Elemental Cultists by Tursas
  • Extra Lanterns Pack by Skuggasveinn
  • gobelin_pac_1 by undeaddemonknight

Special thanks to leewroy from the Grimrock forums for the incredible help with testing!

And of course a big thank you to the modding community at Grimrock forums!