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Dungeon Master type dungeon, ten levels, puzzles, fighting, amusing dialogue, new monsters. Your party falls through a hidden trap into a dangerous dungeon inhabited by the Dark Lord, escape or die are the only options.

Permissions and credits
Four neophyte adventurers exploring a mountain known for it magical powers. They fall down a camouflaged pit into a huge dungeon. With only their wits and courage they are now trapped, the only way out is to find the Dark Lord and banish him. But it won't be easy, many have tried and failed, he has set up a myriad of traps, and has monsters at his call.

I have worked on this for a while, I have made it as interesting as I can and have incorporated things I call:

The Shooting Gallery
Fireworks level
Ghost Train level
Bottomless Pit
Target Shooting
Magic Elevator

Discussion and Hints here at Grimrock Forums

PLEASE NOTE:  Fighters should favor swords and axes like in the original game.

Thanks to:
Isaac - Help with scripting
Germanny - Custom assets
Leki, FrEEsiD, Wallasaurus- Custom monsters
Lexdr - Learned a lot from how he did things
Comscript - Learned a lot from how he did things