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A Complete MOD, add-on to the original 16bit PC/Amiga/Atari ST game
Bloodwych of the 1990's, in the spirit of the original version but
reworked for a more updated feel.

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A Complete MOD, add-on to the original 16bit PC/Amiga/Atari ST game Bloodwych of the 1990's, in the spirit of the original version but reworked for a more updated feel. 


Bloodwych is a fantasy role-plaing game which was first released for the Atari ST and Amiga in 1989 and for the PC in 1990. The player controls a party of up to four characters from four different classes on a quest through a large dungeon. The original game involved fighting monsters, collecting items, casting spells, and solving puzzles. Bloodwych also had multi-player capability for two people with a split-screen view (Note that the Grimrock engine wont allow for 2 players). The game is quite large, spanning 42 levels of various sizes. It's possible to complete the game in 30 hours or less.


The aim here is that by attempting to re-create this game, it will draw in the people that used to play the original as well as some new players.


  • All original puzzles, and some updated are added
  • All food, items in original game are placed in the same locations
  • Monsters are also in the same locations as the original game
  • 2 choices of recruitment areas to customise entire party, either use new area or the original one!
  • All 16 portraits provided as a seperate download for complete customisation if required (for the more experienced modders ;))
  • 42 Levels to complete in total
  • Will add (if lots of interest) the extended levels to a future release of this MOD
  • All 6 towers are present and use different wallsets for a more individual look


  • The Keep (You start here)
  • The Serpent Tower
  • The Moon Tower
  • The Dragon Tower
  • The Chaos Tower
  • Zendik's Tower


1) Download the dungeon's ".dat" file from Nexus BloodWych_The_Rise_of_Zendik

2) Place it in one of the folders (depending on your OS below):

PC: \Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Dungeons

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock/

Linux: ~/.local/share/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock

3) Start Grimrock and select "Custom Dungeon" from the main menu

(You must be running Grimrock version 1.3.6 or higher, or 1.3.7 for Macs (to avoid the "out of memory" bug)

Please feel free to contact me (via the official Grimrock forums) with any comments or bugs you might find, if you liked or didn't like the puzzles, clues, fights, story, etc, or anything else.

CUSTOMISING YOUR PARTY (If you dont want to use the 2 recruitment areas in the game)

Within the game you have the choice to recruit champions with "ready made" skills and traits.  These are closely related the skills and traits of the original characters in BloodWych.  However some of the more hard core dungeon crawler enthusiasts may prefer to customise all the party completely.  If you want to totally customise your party (i.e. decide your own skills, race, gender, traits etc.) then you are advised to use the custom party option at the beginning of the game.

Please see below for details on how to do this if your not sure:

You can download all of the same portraits from here as I have supplied them (if you want them, or your own).  All you need to do is:

1) Download the Bloodwych_Portraits_Version_1_1 to your computer
2) Unzip them into the folder(s) below depending on your Operating System:

PC: \Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Portraits

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock/Portraits

Linux: ~/.local/share/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock/Portraits

3) Start the game and select "Custom Dungeon" from the main menu
4) Select the BloodWych mod and select "Choose" from the menu
5) Select "Create Characters" from the next menu then select "Apply"
6) On the Character Generation screen select "Import Portrait" you should then see all 16 portraits
7) You should now be able to import the portraits.  Note that you will need to also name them and choose all of their attributes.  If you want to keep the same names they are provided below in order of type.  Enjoy :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that the scrolls and spells work, please ensure that you name the mages the same as below.  Failure to do so may cause problems, but please let me know.  Happy to try to resolve.


Baldrick the Dung

Eleanor of Avalon

Hengist Meldanash

Sethra Bhoaghail


Elfric Falaendor

Mr Flay Sepulcrast

Rosanne Swifthand

Thai Chang of Ying


Asteroth Slaemwort

Blodwyn Stonemaiden

Sir Edward Lion

Ulrich Sternaxe


Zothen Runecaster         

Megrim of MoonWych

Murlock Darkenheart

Zastaph Mantric


QUICK ACTION BAR: (by JohnWordsworth)

The Quick Action Bar functions as follows:

- Click on the right side of the panel to move it anywhere on the screen.
- Select an active champion from the four champion buttons on the left side.
- With a champion selected, the action buttons do the following:
* The axe/shield button swaps the items in the champion's hands with
whatever is in the first two slots of the champion's inventory.
* The healing and energy potion buttons will consume a potion in ANY
champion's inventory (but not in sacks/chests) and apply it to the
selected champion.

- Press ',' to toggle the quick bar on/off.
- Press '.' to reset its position (in case it gets stuck under the portraits).
- 1,2,3,4 to select champions (also, i,o,k,l)
- g,h,j to activate the three buttons ("Gear" swap, "Health" potion, energy "Juice")
- Or click on the tiny ".." in the upper right corner to customize all the hotkeys to your liking



If you want to see the maps for all levels I have agreed with Alan Chapman that I can link to his site.  All maps on Alan's BloodWych site are exactly what I produced so will come in handy for those wanting to see them.  Here is the link (note: navigates away from this site)

BloodWych Maps



- Daniv/Sutekh: code, textures
- Germanny - Items
- Leki - Models
- Jan Glembotzki - Music
- Spacecookie - Portraits (some still in progress)
- Komag - Scripting help
- Jkos - Framework
- Xanathar: code, item
- JohnWordsworth: code, GMT, QAB
- grimwold: code


- severgates
- kenfusion

-- Current Release --

- chaos tower, added blade and wall text, changed a red lock to brass key lock to prevent confusion.
- zendik tower, added floor drains where some tentacles are supposed to be, changed walls around that had crystals for incorrect towers.  Fixed earth quake issue at start.
- added more armour around the towers
- various code and bug fixes resolved

-- Version History --

- magic spells for all mages can only be used if a scroll for that spell is found in the dungeon.  This makes the process of
obtaining scrolls and learning spells more interesting
- added optional challenge to the Serpent Tower that awards skill points
- removed healing cystals and added special reforge/restoration chambers, these now look more like the original Bloodwych game
- stairs on serpent tower L6-L5 were not setup correctly, resolved now.
- still too much food, have removed more..
- added more mortars

- removed pull chains from some doors that were meant to be used with keys on Moon Tower L3 and Serpent Tower L5, L7
- added a series of challenge rooms somewhere in the keep, if found you can take on 4 sets of varying challenges and be awarded xp, skills, armour or potions

- added new custom music to the the keep
- added new custom music to the chaos tower

- updated serpent tower level 1, pillar is removed when you push a button near the end of this tower
- updated entrance to zendik's tower to have more space and statues behind the altars
- replaced gem socket for chaos gem in zendik's tower
- updated wall text in zendik tower for banishing the lords of entropy
- updated level information to show the keep rather than main tower and added 'the' behind each tower description

 - added flooded dungeon area to the keep
 - updated murlock's portrait.

 - added a permit to the zendik tower
 - improved zendik actions and interactions
 - added barbarian axeman with improved hit and attack sounds

 - added a door to the last level of the moon tower to ensure gem is picked up after completion
 - added additional gem checking functions to Zendik tower entrance and before you get to the last level
 - added a heal function for one of the crystals when placed back in its slot
 - added a chaos key to the chaos tower
 - updated champion stats
 - reduced the amount of food in the game
 - added more torches to the remaining 3 towers
 - added 2 extra healing rooms to chaos and zendik towers
 - added more secrets to the dungeon
 - added the quickbar to enhance ease of use and gameplay

 - updated skills and traits for all classes
 - added a missed pullchain to door in zendik tower level 1
 - placed more secrets in the dungeon and added more plants for use with pestle and mortar
 - fixed a problem with zendik tower level 2, duplicate with entity id's

 - fixed a crash problem with shop in the chaos tower level 2

 - fixed a problem when saving the game if you had the recruitment gui displayed it would crash the game

 - added pestle and mortar to the dungeon
 - fixed problem in dragon tower level 8 if gem was removed and replaced it closed the entrance door resulting in there being no way out of the room

 - added some fireball spawners to the dragon tower level 8

 - fixed button on dragon tower level 5
 - fixed dragon health on dragon tower level 8
 - removed colourless locks found in the dungeon
 - fixed possible lag in the game in the dragon tower
 - corrected a spelling error in the dragon tower

 - fixed stair errors in the chaos tower.
 - removed gems accidently left for testing

 - altered stairs in chaos tower level 8
 - fixed stairs problem in chaos tower level 6

 - alteration to the dungeon name

 - houskeep, reduced file size
 - removed teleporter near begining

 - removed a shop in moon tower level 2
 - removed pit in the keep level 5

 - fixed a problem with incorrectly named entities in moon tower

 - updated the crypt area in the Keep to include a new wallset

 - added ace of swords with chaos gauntlets

 - added intro with music

 - removed lizard from the keep level 4
 - removed doors from new recruitment area
 - moved the keep level 1 and made corridor longer
 - Blodwyn changed to be female and re-named to Blodwyn Stonemaiden

 - updated shops in the keep level 4 and level 5
 - added custom welcolme script

 - added 2 recruitment areas, 1 is traditional, other is new and updated

 - added shops to the keep and moon tower

 - added gem wall buttons

 - added ending

 - added better music for the keep
 - gems are all named correctly

 - added secrets
 - added champtalk
 - removed snail slice drop from axemen

- added skills to champions & traits

- first public release