The Elder of Murwynd Woods by Skuggasveinn
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Version 1.05

Important info:
* Don't make or import party, you play as Blake Stormarrow.
* You start at level 7.
* The story of the game takes place after Legend of Grimrock, if you haven't finished LoG then some spoilers are to be found.
* This mod is light on the puzzle side and focuses more on exploration and combat.
* You can expect about an evening's worth of gameplay.

Story Settings:
Blake Stormarrow is an agent of the King of Theraen.
You have been sent to Murwynd Woods to meet up with Sultor, another agent in the service of the Kingdom of Theraen.
The two of you are to investigate strange happenings in that region in the aftermath of the Grimrock explosion.

Game mechanics that differ from standard Grimrock:
* Doors in houses can be opened by clicking them
* Water can restore some food
* You start with a notebook, read it
* Notes and scrolls can be added to the notebook
* Some walls are breakable, look for weaknesses
* Information found in notes and scrolls can be vital to your success

Technical Game info:
* Near to 300 custom models created for this mod.
* A forest outdoor region along with a small town, underground tunnels and a swamp.
* A large amount of customization to the original dungeon and temple tilesets.
* The mod was created and tested on mid- to high range PC, Linux and Mac was never tested.
* In some places the engine is pushed near its limits, I tried to plan it so that no combat was taking place during these moments, lower end systems may struggle.

Known issue:
* Sometimes the game can crash during level transition, the reason for this is unknown at this time, so as always, saving often is your friend.