Lost Halls of the Drinn by Andrew Minton
Legends of Grimrock » Dungeons
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Explore the Lost Halls of the Drinn and discover their secrets. Designed for a new party (or Toorum).

- 4 levels of mind-melting puzzles and tactical action!
- Tired of clunky runes? Use magic wands instead, and cast with a single click!
- Sick of carefully examining every wall? This mod contains no secret buttons, so you don't have to!
- Use the Gem of Crystal Harmony to instantly travel between healing crystals!
- No need to fool around with food or torches! Champions are always satiated, and the Everlight Lantern never runs out of fuel!
- Weapons have been rebalanced; axes and maces are now competitive with swords and unarmed combat!
- Item weights are more realistic; no more 5 kilogram swords!
- Champions always gain full experience for defeating a monster, even if they are dead or didn't damage it! No more micromanaging your damage!