Legend of Grimrock
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Version 1.3.6

(my first time uploading here so please let me know if anything is wrong or not working)

* 13'ish levels/floors.
* Regular and new modified weapons.
* Lots of puzzles, secrets and challanges.
* A decent number of enemies to slay or avoid.
* Notes to find and read.
* Over 2 hours of gameplay.

Many thanks to the good people over at the Grimrock forums for providing great help and tips.
And thanks to my good friend for helping me with the story.

Extended story written by a friend.

There are many myths and legends across the land, passed down through the ages in shadowy whispers in the dark. Among these tales is the legend of a tower. A dark keep hidden away in the mountains. What lies within the tower is unknown, but the legends contain enticing words and stories that call out to adventures to seek out its secrets. Many have sought out this ominous tower and never returned. But adventures from all over still insist on seeking out the Dawn Tower.

A group of adventurers, having heard the tale, decided to head out into the dark mountains where the Dawn Tower was said to reside. After a long journey over dangerous peaks and perilous climbs, the adventurers made it to the tower, but found no entrance. They searched around for days, determined to find the way inside.

One night as they rested, the group was attacked. Dark figures moved through the shadows as they were knocked out one by one. When they awoke, they found themselves imprisoned in a cell. A grotesque, undead guard patrolled outside of the bars. Any form of communication with the creature was in vain. The creature paid them no heed, or perhaps it couldn't.

Days passed as the group sat in their cell. This placed seemed to be filled with haunts and phantom horrors, strange occurrences and whispers emanating from within the walls, seemingly trying to drive the adventurers to madness. It would appear that this decrepit, damned cell would be their final resting place. Their corpses doomed to spend eternity here.

But just when it seemed any prospect of escape was lost, a slight shimmer of hope would appear to bring their spirits back from pits of despair. They would be given one chance to escape. One chance to grab hold of their own fates again and fight for their very lives…