Legend of Grimrock

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Do you need some action? exploration? treasures? Doing athletics while carrying tons of items? Toorum Manors is here for you. As a reward, Toorum receive the land near Kartum mountains and decides to build his own keep. Many times has passed, you have to investigate why Toorum did not send any news and report back to the King.

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Long time ago, Toorum, the legendary battlemage, built his own keep in the Kartum valley with the help of King Ageral, near the border of the great Theareonan Empire.
You are a group of adventurers, mandated by the King, to investigate why Toorum didn't send any news since months.
You will explore Toorum's manor, built on an old mine site and goes into the depths of the mountain. Mines, temples, ancient ruins, take some good shoes to fulfill your mission.
Bring back Toorum, kill any hostiles, stay alive and report back to the King.

A full story mod, with lot of custom items (because I like carrying in my bag, 6 axes, 5 maces, 7 swords, 10 bows, 200 arrows and lots of food, I'm an athlete, oh yeah!), new treasures, 7 majors weapons for various skills (swords, axes, maces, throwing weapons, assassination, spellcraft and unarmed skills), custom musics, custom sounds, one powerful armor set, 54 levels (count in the editor, but 10 of them are not levels), 2 endings possible, a short gameplay (more than 20 lvls) and a long one with boss fight (54 lvls), mix between exploration, puzzles and combat.

For "beginner" players, please start the mod with easy difficulty and import a 5th level party (at least) or you may expect hardest fights.

For "advanced" player, please start the mod in normal difficulty, with a level 1 party.

If you get stuck or have any questions, please ask here: