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-- Legend of Grimrock QuickBar
-- Version: 1.1.1
-- Author: John Wordsworth

The Legend of Grimrock QuickBar is a drop-in add-on that you are free to use in your Mods/Dungeons to provide a handy
toolbar that the user can toggle on/off with a hotkey to make it easy to switch weapons or drink a health potion in
combat. This is intended to make things easier, especially if you are playing the game with a single button mouse or
a touch screen.

-- Description

The Quick Action Bar is easy to add to your custom dungeon and it creates a panel that the player can toggle on/off and drag around the screen to a custom position. The quick action bar functions as follows;

1. The user can press ',' at any time to toggle the quickbar and '.' at any point to reset the position of the quick bar (incase it gets lost under the portraits).

2. The user can select an active champion from the 4 champion buttons on the left of the quick bar.

3. With a champion selected the three buttons do the following:

a. Pressing the sword/shield button will swap the items in the champion's hands with whatever is in the first and second slot in the character's inventory.

b. Pressing the healing potion button will consume a potion in ANY character's inventory (but not in sacks/chests) and applies it to the selected character.

c. Pressing the energy potion button will consume a potion in ANY character's inventory (but not in sacks/chests) and applies it to the selected character.

4. The user can click on the right hand side of the panel and move it anywhere on the screen.

5. The user can perform any of the above functions using the following hotkeys: i,o,k,l to select characters and 8,9,0 to activate any of the three buttons.

6. It is now possible for the user to customise the hot keys they use by clicking on the '..' button at the top right of the QuickBar.

-- Install Instructions

Adding this quick bar to your mod is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Copy the folder mod_assets/quickbar from this package to your mod_assets folder. After this you should have a
quickbar folder inside your mod_assets directory, and inside that quickbar folder should be about 5 .dds files and
one .lua file.

a. If you do not have your own onDrawGui hook, then you simply need to add the following to your init.lua:

import "mod_assets/quickbar/quickbar_party.lua"

This will redefine the party's onDrawGui hook to call a function in a script_entity in the dungeon (created in step 3).

b. If you are using onDrawGui for other features in your mod, then you will need to add the following lines of code
anywhere in your existing onDrawGui hook:

-- Quick Bar Hook
if ( qb_script ~= nil and qb_script.onDrawGui ~= nil ) then

This will check to see if the quickbar script exists, and if it does, it will call the onDrawGui(g) function on that script.

c. If you are using a recent version of the LoG Framework, then you don't need to do anything for step 2. The script you
create in step 3 will automatically hook into the Framework for you.

3. Now you just have to make the quick bar script entity in your dungeon. Create a new script_entity anywhere in your dungeon,
you can just find a corner somewhere on level 1 and drop it in there. Your new script entity should be called 'qb_script' and
then you can just copy and paste the contents of the file qb_script.lua in this package into that entity.

-- Problems / Questions?

If you have any problems or questions with this quick bar, then don't hesitate to get in touch, either on the Grimrock Nexus
or on the Legend of Grimrock Modding Forum.

-- Release Notes

1.1.1: Fixed a bug which meant that you can only 'reset to defaults' once in version 1.1.0.
Added support for 'stackable' potions, so if you have set your healing potions / flasks to be stackable,
this should now work!

1.1.0: It is now possible to right click on the buttons on the QuickBar and the buttons will work as expected.
Added the ability for the user to customise the HotKeys for their own game with a hot key config dialog.

1.0.2: Added framework autoexec() hook. If you are using the LoG Framework, you just need to create the script entity now
and it will automatically hook into onDrawGui for you.

1.0.1: Refined right click hiding mechanism. We make a good guess about whether a right click is actually in 'mouse look'
mode by evaluating whether the X,Y co-ordinates of a right click are <= 0 in the X or Y axis. As the coordinates
change to delta values in mouse look mode, this means it's pretty close to the normal right click behaviour.

1.0.0: QuickBar snugs screen edges better. Added a skining system so that the graphics can be easily switched. Skins auto
switch depending on screen size. QuickBar is hidden during right clicking and when all 4 champions are disabled.
Added function qb_script.setQuickBarForcedOff() to force quick bar off during cutscenes for example. Tapping
1,2,3,4 now also changes the current quick bar selection. Potions now default to correct value of 75pts.

0.9.1: Bug fixes and improvements. The Quick Bar now handles disabled characters properly, does less scanning of the player's
inventory and doesn't destroy items that cannot be placed into the character's hand (for instance, trying to swap an
orb into a warrior's hand).

0.9.0: Initial Release.

-- Many Thanks

Thanks to Xanathar, Komag, Neikun, Diarmuid and MsyBlade for your suggestions, bug reports and feedback on the Quick Bar.

Thanks to everyone on the Grimrock Forum and LoTNR Skype Chat for making the Grimrock Modding Community such a great place
to spend my time. You're all great and interesting people!