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Welcome to the dmcsb_pack v1 to v3, the Dungeon Master resource!
All created DM items/walls/assets are included, and much more!

Permissions and credits
** UPDATED ** on March, 30, 2014 !
DMCSB_PACK Version 3.0 is available. The update contains many bug fixes, new assets and all previous stuff from v1.0 to v2.0.
There is plenty new stuff, so you can build a DM 3 dungeon..

! IMPORTANT ! * You need only the V 3.0 file, all previous included. *
If you want to build an original DM related dungeon only, you may use Version 2.0, it is smaller in size.
The v3.0 example dungeon should work now and has much more scripts in use!

**UPDATED** on Dec. 22, 2013 !
The dmcsb_pack Version 2.0 is now available. It contains a few bugfixes and all items and dungeon assets that i´ve recreated.
The same stuff as used first in comscripts 'back into dungeon' mod.

* You need only the V 2.0 file, all is included. *'

This Dungeon Master wallset pack - short 'dmcsb_pack' – is a modification resource for people who want to build a Legend of Grimrock custom dungeon.
The goal is to help recreating the old game Dungeon Master or its sequel Chaos strikes back with the Legend of Grimrock editor, but it can be used from anyone for any other idea.
At this time, the set is most complete! To rebuild a full DM, monster assets and massive Lua scripting are necessary.

Legal notes*
As far as i know, no assets, textures or models from other sources are used by me. Some script ideas may come from others, if i know of it, i will refer to them in the credits.
Don´t distribute or modify the graphical or model elements of this set under a new name or without my permission. The included scripts – if so – may used freely.
Please be respectful and reference me in your modification´s credits, if you use this pack in your custom dungeon.

What do you get?
You get a wallset with all necessary assets to build a DM-dungeon with, there is no essential need to use other assets, all LoG original wall-assets have a dmcsb-replacement.

The difference to original LoG wallset is that it is pillar-less (but pillar assets are included, too!), wall, ceiling and floor elements are seamless tiled.
There are special assets included, such as broken doors, broken walls, floor decorations, a fake wall, a secret wall, all DM like buttons and more.

No Monsters! I wanted to build them, but there are some issues in blender export.

Anything else to do for you?
Item and wall object descriptions/stats are working examples, and are often not perfect scripted yet. Some assets need to be placed manually in editor, and due to seamless tiling you have to look after the orientation of manually placed floor/ceiling tiles!

Okay then!
Happy modding and have fun with it.