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EOB: Waterdeep Sewers is attempt to complete recreation (remake) of first Eye of the Beholder game (1990, Westwood/SSI) as Grimrock Total Connversion mod.

Permissions and credits
Eye of the Beholder recreation project (Beta), using new custom wallset.
Homepage: http://www.oldgames.sk/disc/eye-of-the-beholder-remake-grimrock/
!!! MOD is still in experimental phase !!!
forum: http://is.gd/eob1_forum
download: http://is.gd/eob1_sources
steam: http://is.gd/eob1_steam

levels 1-12 are playable

v0.02.19 (carlos)
all the puzzles, keys, doors, special quests etc. should work as original or as close to original as possible, 
dwarvish writings now readable only by Taghor, Dohrum and Keirgar

v0.02.18 (carlos)
Levels 7 - 9 playable
few minor things are missing


Leech model in level 1 (by Wallasaurus)
Skeleton model with axe on level 2
Level 3 is complete
New models for cat eyes socket puzzle
Some puzzles on level 4

New sewer wallset
Grimwidgets framework integrated
Many improvements and experimental functions

Levels 4-12 added (generated from EobConverter)
Iron sewer doors added
New spells: stoneskin, cone of cold, fireball, Lighting bolt, ice storm, haste
Spider nets on level 4
Slug acting as leech
Many other improvements

New object - rounded Pit/Ceiling shaft
New low-poly ladder with texture
Spellbook with AD&D spells
Bug fix: alcoves, rations
New spells - testing: ( magic_missile, shield, burning_hands, armor, invisibility, visibility_10_radius, melfs_acid_arrow, hold_monster )

New textures for sewer floor
New decorations, floor rocks, pipes
First part of level 3

Added new 3D model of sewer ladder
Script code cleaning
Texture / Model materials fixing
Minor details, Bug fixes

Completed Level 2
Added Wently's Notes - to deepen atmosphere
Added new item Potion of Giant Strength
Minor details, Lot of Bug fixes

Updated scripts for pits in Level 2
Added throwable portcullis in Level 2
Rockfall sound, dust and shakeCamera at start

Scripts changes with support of function destroy()
First 3 sections of level 2 are ready for testing
Added teleport to level2 in the starting location
SQ1 reward - Guinsoo is now throwing dagger

Introduction added
New textures for slimes (kobold substitution :-)

Added high-resolution textures
New texture for runes Entrance and Travel
Illusionary walls

New textures for floor and ceilings, complete wallset
Added particles object for sewers fog
New textures for all objects in Level 1

Added custom portraits and default party
Added scripts for diferent walltext for Runes
Lizardman race substitute the Gnome
Added rotation script for level 2

Created map of Level 2
Test custom textures (created from original EOB sewers), using Antti's models and my diff, specular and normal maps for walls and ceiling
Script spawn buttons for routes A/B

Fix some error for choosing route A/B through the sewers
Added monsters with loot items
Added secrets

Created map of Level 1 and simple script mechanics, using default dungeon wallset

You can find more at Grimrock Modding Forum. Thank you for testing!

~DJ (http://www.oldgamnes.sk/)
~JKos - LoG Framework, AD&D Spells
~Tom - Texture modifications
~Bifrost,Thomson - converter from original EOB1
~Wallasaurus - Leech (slug) monster
~motagneyaya - Breakable spider nets (level 4)
~Carlos - continues on project in 2015