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Grimrock Community FrankenDungeon 2012 Submission

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Recommended party level: 3 - 5

The portal leads to what seems to be an abandoned structure hidden away in a long-forgotten pocket dimension. Who or what created it, where did they go, and now that you're here, how are you going to get out?

Grimrock Community FrankenDungeon 2012 Submission

Feedback welcome.

Special thanks go out to:

Grimwold for all his scripting help.
msyblade for banging ideas together with me.
Komag for reminding me to RTFM while I was scripting.
Ancylus for some truely amazing early feedback.

The entire awesome community on the forum.

Version 1.5
•Moved a secret button.
•Tweaked spiders to respawn slightly faster.
•Tweaked skeleton archer to respawn slightly faster.
•Altered skeleton warrior fight and removed respawns.

Version 1.4

•Fixed a crash issue with the teleporter/pillar room. Thank you Grimwold.
•Moved hint notes.
•Added more decor.
•Added healing crystal.

Version 1.3

•Moved each side's end teleport destination.
•Added more decor.
•Added large optional end fight with greater rewards. Need feedback: is it too hard, do I keep it.

Version 1.2

•Altered skeleton archer encounter. Tell me if it's too hard, please.
•Added additional dirt and clutter for atmosphere.
•Adjusted spider fight. Better kill them quickly!
•Added plate to turn off fireballs after you've passed to address potential performance issues.
•Tweaked skeleton fight to spawn the second skeleton faster. Also, respawns!
•Fixed the two plate room to function as intended. The plates reset now and the pit room teleporters put you where intended.
•Retweaked the trapdoor pit room spawns again. I think I got it right this time.

Version 1.1

•Added a completion message to the end room of each part.
•Fixed secrets to trigger correctly.
•Altered and adjusted slime room.
•Adjusted button teleport maze timers.
•Adjusted various spawn rates waaaaay upward.
•Tweaked timing of trapdoor pits.
•Tweaked timing of two-plate door.
•Added hint note for the teleporter maze among the pillars.
•Added rooms under two-plate room with teleporters to other side of puzzle. Need to fix plates to reset.
•Tuned respawn in rooms under trapdoor pits and removed a spawner due to cramped quarters.

Version 1.0

•Initial release.