Legend of Grimrock
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Story-driven 8-level dungeon with nice puzzles and an epic boss fight.

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You and your friends gather at the end of the day in the local inn. The evening is uneventfull, untill you run out of wine and go get some from the wine merchant's basement...


This dungeon features an engaging storyline with unexpected twists and turns. It contains 8(+) levels to explore filled with puzzles and monsters that try to stop you.

Be sure to look for hidden switches and secret doors, because you will need all the help you can get in the epic fight at the end of the storyline.

It is possible to complete this dungeon within 2 hours, but take your time, explore and enjoy the story.

Give this dungeon a try and don't forget to rate it when you're done.

Warning: Don't bother to make or import a party. Because of the story the characters in this mod are set.


This is my first ever mod-project. If you come across a bug, suggest an improvement or want more info about this dungeon, please leave a message at the steam or grimrock forums.


Thanks to 'Almost Human' for the great game and editor, 'John Wordsworth' for the Grimrock Model Toolkit, and 'Imageline' for FL Studio to make the music.

Also thanks to 'Solitary Drake' for using my mod in his youtube channel, despite some bugs (which almost all have been resolved). Be sure to check out his channel!

Finally thanks to the great Grimrock community, especially the people helping me to improve this mod: thanks 'Adrageron', 'Komag', 'Bazzietuk' and 'Hey, boots!'!