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start & info guide: (Update Grim Dawn

ReShade supports all of Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12 and OpenGL.
A computer with Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 or 10 and the DirectX end-user runtime installed is required.

Install if necessary: NET Framework 4.8

Install: ReShade
Run setup tool, Follow instructions, Select a game:
search for Grim Dawn.exe:

Grim Dawn
C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ Grim Dawn.exe
with Direct3D10 /11/12

for Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn 64bit (C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ x64 \ Grim Dawn.exe)
with Direct3D10 /11/12
Grim Dawn 32bit (C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ Grim Dawn.exe)
with Direct3D10 /11/12

Instructions for ReShade version 4.7
I still use legacy standard effects. Why? Because I like them!

Select effect packages to install:
- Standard effect is already switched on
- Legacy standard effects (only select this when using old presents) on
- Everything else off!
- Ok.

- select legacy standard effects: all on!
- Ok.
This is important, otherwise "Grim Reaper" will not work properly !

Before you close the setup tool,
switch on "Skip tutorial" and "Performance Mode".
Then everything should start automatically.
Close setup tool

Install Grim Reaper:
- Insert one of the Grim Reaper... ReShade file (DefaultPreset.ini) in the program folder:

Grim Dawn
C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ DefaultPreset.ini (exe is located)

for Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn 64bit (C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ x64 \ DefaultPreset.ini
Grim Dawn 32bit (C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ DefaultPreset.ini

Start Game:
ReShade starts automatically the first time (screen info above left)
and should take over Grim Reaper (DefaultPreset.ini) completely and after a short loading time.
Depending on the system, this is very quick and can lead to short stuttering.


uninstall ReShade:
Start ReShade_Setup_4.7.0.exe
with Direct3D10 / 11/12 >>> Update or Uninstall

restart and reinstall

or manually uninstall ReShade:

delete in C: \ Games \ Grim Dawn \ ...
- reshade shaders
- DefaultPreset.ini
- dxgi.dll
- dxgi.log
- ReShade.ini

at Direct3D9
- d3d9.dll
- d3d9.log




Grim Reaper V1 Grim Dawn
- recommended for Grim Dawn
- starts automatically
- darker, less color, ...

Grim Reaper V2 Reign Of Terror
- recommended for Diablo 2 - Reign Of Terror
- starts automatically
- dark, a little brighter than V1 and a little more contrast, less color, ...

(Just a recommendation. You can also exchange the files with each other.)

Optional: Grim Reaper V1-2 Dawn & Terror
- Suitable for switching back and forth.
- A version with both types. Must be started manually.
- Key: Pos1 activate one of the two "Grim Reaper" in the upper field. Key: pos1


Mod Reign of Terror:

Reign of Terror Wiki:

Reign of Terror - finally in real HD

The extensive mod is currently probably the best way to experience Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction
again in a modern graphic guise - after all, Blizzard has not yet announced a remaster of the action RPG classic.

The Grim Dawn Mod already provides the following content:

Acts one to five are completely playable.
All classes (barbarian, amazon, necromancer, paladin, sorceress, druid and assassin) are playable.
The classes have access to all skills - popular builds like Hammerdin
or Frost-Orb-Sorceress can be played without any problems.

All unique and set items can be found.
The Horadrim Cube can be used to craft equipment.
Runes and rune words are also provided.
Even the extremely difficult Pandemonium event can be contested.

(Only English!
I recommend creating a new character for RoT.)


Grim Reaper - Nexus exclusive! (File credits)

Info: The colors in the pictures shown can vary depending on the time of day (night, day, morning, etc.).
I ask for a short feedback, should a new ReShade update cause problems with Grim Reaper.
I try to update in a timely manner. thank you

For risks and side effects ask your doctor or pharmacist. (-;
You like it? Do not forget to "Endorse" me - for motivation and as feedback!
"Track" me - for Update Info. I would be very happy about your support.