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Its a massively modded base version of grim dawn, This mod was made for a improvement on the base game adding tons of new stuff and changes. It has been worked on and off for the past 3 years. If you like the base game and just want more to it, and a tougher more action packed experience this is the mod for you. Updated for Forgotten Gods.

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Grim Legion


I should probably put something in here that mentions that if you want your old stash from the previous versions just transfer the stash save over to this new versions save directory. If you can't figure out how... o well.


  • Maximum level has been increased to 100.
  • Devotion shrines have all been activated on all difficulties so there is the same amount per difficulty now.
  • Devotion Increased to 60 points total.
  • Devotion shrines have all been changed to corrupted spawners and have no item requirement anymore to complete them.
  • Ultimate Devotion shrines now give 2 points instead of 1 for players that just wanna play in ultimate.
  • Masteries can go up to a max rank of 72 for each class.
  • Attribute points have been changed to 2 per level instead of 1. Each point increases stats by 3 instead of 8.
  • Hp per stats has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Skillpoints per level have been increased to 4 up too level 25, 3 skillpoints from there on afterwards.
  • All Auras have been changed to be a maximum of 25 yards to make ranged chars in multiplayer able to be supported even farther away
  • Auras have also received a bunch of tweaks making them a bit more desirable. (Hopefully)
  • Mastery abilities have been tweaked with more scaling as per ranking them up. The most notable of changes are in the Arcanist,Shaman and Occultist
  • Mob density has been increase about 1.5-2 times the normal amount, most of which is on "star" mobs and less on just overall fodder
  • Damaged has been modified to be about 20% less on both players and monsters to balance the fact that there is a lot more going on.
  • Shops sell oils and has a increased inventory.
  • Soulbound has been removed from all items.
  • 2Handed damage modifier changed from 1 to 1.2
  • Boss Spawns modified
  • Experience has been decreased by about 40-60% (Yet still feels like your leveling ridiculously fast)
  • Monsters no longer have a level cap on a per area basis
  • Difficulties have been modified for loot drops and damage ranges of monsters.
  • 2 New superbosses have been added in ultimate difficulty


  • Force-wave replaced with Seismic Slam.
  • Cadence replaced with Shield-bash.
  • Passives have been reworked a bit to be more pleasing.
  • Offensive and defensive stance have been increased overall
  • Hammers have been added and have sets and items to improve them (Cap 26 hammers at a time)


  • Flame-touched has also been made a 25 yard aura and has been "touched" up a bit. (Couldnt find the bugger before)
  • Thermite mines have been reworked into a lighting nova trap and the AoE burn from before changed and integrated into its modifier.
  •  Has replaced flashbang for a tier 1 ability and has been re-scaled as such.
  • A new ability "Calldown" has been added and takes Thermite mines place on the tree. Calldown also has a modifier to go with it.
  • Base 30 second cooldown, drops 800 shells in 5 seconds over a tight area (Quite visually demanding.
  • Modifier enhances the amount of shells that come down over a larger area. Increases the cooldown and lowers total damage that scales
  • back to normal with higher ranks.
  • Thermite mines have been rescaled to be less crazy. Hellfire still stays the same. (This is to make up for alot of the devotions that can be linked and abused with them)


  • Chainlightning has replaces savagery in the Shaman tree.
  •     **The transmuter changes the way the spell acts and give it a bit more AoE and burst damage but requires a caster offhand.
  • Torrent was replaced by strike of the bear and is a on hit physical area of effect that slows.
  • Storm Totem transmuter has been reworked to change the way the totem acts, as well as change the damage conversion to elemental.
  •     **Stormtotem has been altered mana cost wise to be a little less spamming with lower mana pools.
  •     **Total amount you can have active changed to allow 4 at max rank. (5 at max Ultimate rank)
  •     **Pet spawn life scaling 12-18. (22 at max Ultimate rank)
  •     **New level 50 modifier added to decrease cooldown up too 100% at rank 8 with increased mana costs. (2% mana reduction starting rank 9+ Ultimates)
  • Insect Swarm has been brought back to its glory replacing grasping vines.
  •     **Has received a transmuter for life leech and increased area of effect for damage loss.
  •     **Received the 2 skill modifiers that were in the game a long time ago edited and with a few new extras.
  • Maelstrom Javelin has been added.. reworked.. rebalanced.. so on so forth. (Its more of a constant dps option to chainlightning which doesn't work as well against one target thanks to its cooldown.)


  • Occultist can now have 2 Hellhounds after 16+ skill points invested.
  •     **Emberclaw has been made to scale on mobs hit per rank.
  •     **Hellhound has a new type that can spawn at 16+ that is Acid based with new attacks.
  • Summon familiar can now have 3 summons out max by rank 16 (2 at rank 9)
  •     **Mend has reduced effectiveness because of this
  •     **New type of bird can spawn after 16+ that has increased all around stats and shotguns more.
  • Doombolt has been changed to make up for monster density increase.
  •     **Base area of effect has been increased slightly.
  •     **Cooldown per rank reduced.
  •     **Transmuter has been added to reduce cooldown further as well as increase damage for practically the remove of its AoE component.


  • Skyshard has been changed and been granted a mastery rank 50 skill modifier.
  •     **Skyshard now only drops one comet with a increased size and huge area of effect. Effects have also been altered for impact.
  •     **Rank 50 modifier has been added to have a chance of removing the cooldown and adding fragments to the chaos.
  •     **Freeze duration on frozen core increased as well as added scaling.
  •     **Cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
  •     **Two Transmuters have been added.
  • Devastation has been altered to make it a bit more enjoyable to rank up.
  •     **Meteor fall rate changed from flat 0.2 to scaling 0.5-0.2 (0.18 at Ultimate rank 26)
  •     **Duration increased to 7 seconds from 5.
  •     ** Mana cost greatly increased.
  •     **Area of effect and splash radius increased per rank.
  •     **Cooldown has been changed to 14 seconds.
  • Replicating missle hit radius has been increased by 50% (No more flying by someones head or shoulder and missing)
  •     **Regular fragments and Ather fragments have increased hit radius by 33%
  •     **Regular and Ather fragments have decreased traveling range and move about 40% slower


  • Summon Skeletons have been reworked, Weights have been edited so all 4 should end up around 25/25/25/25 by Ult level26
  •     **Icemages now replace skeleton warriors at 16+
  •     **New transmuter "Raging Berserkers" have been added increasing spawn max to 20 and only allowing base skeleton warriors.
  •     **Second modifier now increases burst spawn amount as well as the max count. Reduces mana cost per level as well.
  • Drain life now hits more targets base and hits more max as you level it up.


  • Reworked how some abilities work with the modded skills. A lot of overpowered combinations with the newly added trees and skills like Thermite mines have been taken off of the base Template for "linking"
  • Tsunami has been giving a re-look at distance .. scaling .. and cooldown to make it more of a option for longer ranged.. and kite based classes
  • Few defense devotions have had their proc coefficient changed to be a bit more up to snuff.
  • New "Hawk" set linked to marauders and the empowered version.




Grim Legion

Grim Internals

TL;DR Installation

Create a "mods" folder in your Grim Dawn main directory so it looks similar "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods" and drag and drop the "Grim Legion" Folder inside and start the game as normal. When inside the game on the main menu look for custom campaign and select Grim legion.world001 and start the game with your new character.